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Generally, anxiety and panic are so closely related that you can hardly make a difference between the two no matter how hard you try. Whatever be the case, the most important thing is for one to be aware of the ills associated with Anxiety Panic Attacks; a chronic condition of this will make a total mess of the victims. Virtually every aspect of a victim’s life is affected by this ill; socially, emotionally, spiritually, biologically and mentally. This attack is usually elicited when individuals become highly anxious and panicky or when certain individuals are exposed to a level of stress higher than what could be termed as normal stress; though there is usually an ongoing event at the background before the actual attack hits.

What transpires when Anxiety Panic Attacks shows up is a speedy and more complicated reaction within the body. This reaction is usually erupted when excessive fear and panic sets in. when severe panic sets in, it leads to the real attack and such attack could last as long as thirty minutes or less. When somebody that experiences panic situations suddenly start getting the signs of blurred vision, shakiness and trembling of the entire body, very fast heart beats, a lump or choke on the chest region, unusual and severe sweating, nausea and general malfunctioning of the internal system; then it is very evident that panic attack is just a step away. A severe symptom of having a sense of unreality or extreme fear and unintentionally doing embarrassing things; could lead to a serious mental case. Phobia is also a result of panic and attacks especially when such panic attacks are not treated.

An extreme case of Anxiety Panic Attacks has a symptom of suicidal feeling. This severe case places an urgent demand that a victim takes a quick action so as to keep safe and stay away from danger.  At that time; the individual having the feeling and nursing the thought of committing suicide should remember that a thought or feeling is not meant to be carried out especially when they are negative ones. This is the first action towards putting such thought under control. Such individuals should also remember that people have also undergone such situations that they are contemplating suicide and have eventually gain mastery over such situation; so they too can overcome the situation.

 Anxiety panic attacks have such a devastating effect on individuals who fall victims to their prey. A conscious effort has to be taken in curbing activities and lifestyles that put one in the bondage of these ills. Before anxiety and panic gets to an uncontrollable state; it is highly recommended that individuals should seek for professional help. A counseling session with a psychologist might also be necessary. There is also need to control the rate at which one worries. One should try and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude irrespective of the gravity of a situation.

Anxiety panic attacks can only be controlled and even cured by change of lifestyles and behaviors that are negative; it is a proven permanent solution to these ills.