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Everyone experiences anxiety and stress throughout their lifetimes. Things like jobs, money, family, and other everyday situations can cause a fair amount of stress. But, some people experience stress and anxiety at a more intense level that can cause many disruptions throughout their lives.

Anxiety: As mentioned before, everyone has anxiety, anxiety is normal to a point but for some people anxiety is an everyday event. Anxiety can often lead to anxiety and panic attacks. These attacks occur if a person is suffering from a panic or anxiety related disorder. Symptoms include chest pains, rapid heart rate, sweating, twitching, headaches, excessive irritability, restlessness, disrupted sleep patterns, a feeling as if you are dying, having a heart attack or that you are going crazy.

Anxiety and stress often go hand in hand; you could be stressed out about work, you may think you are going to lose your job which will cause you to lose money, which leads to unpaid bills, which can lead to reposed cars, losing your home, etc. Once you start panicking about these things and what might happen you will often go into an anxiety or panic attack which cannot be stopped with rational thinking. Anxiety and stress can also be accompanied by depression. Often when a person is suffering from depression it is easier to worry about things and thus making anxiety and stress a part of their normal routine. It can make them feel like anxiety and stress are ruling their lives.

Stress: Stress is a very common word, often when we hear the word “stress” we think of our own lives and stresses. It is easy to get stressed out when you have an anxiety disorder or if you are tired. It is important to get enough sleep so that you don’t feel like you are stretched too thin. Stress happens to everyone and we all have our own ways with dealing with it.

Exercise regularly: Some people that are suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder will stop exercising. It is important to get enough exercise because it releases endorphins in the brain making you feel happy. You can gain a general sense of well being if you exercise regularly and anxiety and stress will be blown away.

Getting enough sleep: As said before it is important to get enough sleep so that you are rested and ready to deal with things that life throws at you. Not sleeping enough can cause irritability, headaches, and it can be easier to have a panic attack or anxiety attack if you haven’t had enough sleep.

Yoga: Yoga is a great way to get rid of anxiety and stress because you are teaching your body how to relax and your mind follows. You will release tension in your muscles caused by anxiety and stress and learn valuable relaxation techniques.

Deep breathing exercises: Learning to breathe correctly while having an anxiety attack can help stop the attack. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Continue this pattern until you feel calmer.