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There are many different types of anxiety including obsessive compulsive disorder, medication anxiety, panic attacks, and anxiety attacks. All of these disorders can be debilitating and interrupt daily life.

Medication anxiety can be the fear of taking prescription drugs for a disorder you may be suffering from. Some people think that if they are taking anti-anxiety medication that makes them crazy or different. In reality taking medication for one thing or another is very common among Americans. Medication anxiety does not have to rule your life, talking to others that may already be taking depression and/or anxiety medication and talking to your doctor.
Some symptoms related to medication anxiety are dizziness, restlessness, sweating, frequent diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, twitching, fidgeting, lack of sleep, oversleeping, phobias, and more. Just like a person suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder will have to wash their hands repeatedly for fear of getting germs and dying, a person with medication anxiety will fear taking medication because of what others might think, or you may think that you are crazy just because you are on medication.

Some people have to take medication for heart disorders and taking medication for anxiety disorders should be viewed the same way. People suffering from an anxiety disorder cannot help it, they cannot control it, and they cannot stop it. While it isn’t sure as to the direct cause of anxiety disorders, doctors think that it can be genetic, be caused by the type of environment in which one lives, and by a chemical imbalance in the brain.
Some ways to get rid of medication anxiety would be to practice deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation techniques, yoga, talking to someone such as a therapist or friend, and frequent exercise. Exercising and yoga can give your body a general feeling of well being because of the endorphins it releases and it also helps you feel more relaxed.

Taking medication is not the only way to treat an anxiety disorder; for some people all they need is therapy or they may need to make some changes in their daily lives in order to eliminate some of the stress they are feeling. Learning to control anxiety is a great way to rid yourself of frequent panic or anxiety attacks. Using the above methods can drastically change your life for the better.

Medication anxiety does not just occur when someone faces the choice of taking medication for an anxiety disorder or for depression. It can occur when someone is afraid of taking medication for any physical or mental disorder. Many people fear taking medication for a cold, the flu, high blood pressure, pain medication, sleep pills, etc. They may fear becoming addicted to the medication, fear it not working or they can be anxious about the cost of the medication. Talking to your doctor about the medication can help you greatly and if it is the price you are worried about, your doctor can prescribe generic medication that often is half the cost of the name brand medication.