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At some point in life we feel depressed, sad, lonely, or anxious but if these symptoms last for two weeks or more, you may have clinical depression. Depression symptoms are about the same for each different type of depression but it is important to know the difference.

Lack of interest
Lack of interest is one of the most common depression symptoms; loss of interest in daily activities or things you once found enjoyable including sex can mean that you are suffering from depression. Depression can often cause sexual problems such as not wanting it or not finding it enjoyable. Feelings of lack of interest can lead to weight gain, weight loss, strained relationships, and even divorce.

One of the most common depression symptoms is disrupted sleep pattern. This can mean that you can’t sleep, have trouble falling asleep, have trouble staying asleep, and oversleeping. For some people this may not be a problem but for most it is because not sleeping enough can make your depression worse. If you are oversleeping you can feel tired all day and have little energy. Time spent sleeping during the day can take away time from your family and even cause problems with your job. If you are feeling tired all the time you are likely not to perform well at your job. This can cause job loss which can obviously lead to problems with money and home life.

Thoughts of suicide

If you are entertaining thoughts of suicide you are likely to have a problem. Thinking about suicide often is not healthy and can often lead to suicide attempts which can obviously lead to death. If you notice that someone is giving away their possessions, saying things like they won’t need them anymore, or if they seem depressed, you should try to talk to them and help them the best you can because they may be thinking of taking their own life.


This depression symptom is most common among people with depression. The tiniest thing can set you off for no apparent reason. You may be feeling anxious or even panicked at the thought of doing certain things or for no reason at all. If this goes on for two weeks or more you should contact your doctor. Depression symptoms like this should be taken very seriously and if you are feeling this way you should talk to a doctor.

Other depression symptoms

Depression symptoms like difficulty concentrating, feeling worthless, hopeless, chronic headaches, over eating, appetite loss, persistent sad or anxious thoughts, cramps, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, frequent diarrhea, muscle aches, back aches, feelings of guilt, fatigue, decreased energy, and difficulty making decisions are all very common among those suffering from depression.

Depression affects millions of adults each year causing problems in their daily lives but it can be treated. Medication and therapy or a combination of both can be recommended by your doctor to help with your depression. It is possible to live a normal life with depression as long as you are getting it treated. If left untreated it can result in divorce, strained relationships, lost relationships, job loss, and even suicide.