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The problem of shyness is more critical problem than many of us would want to take it. Many of us take the problem of shyness lightly thinking that it is a natural condition to feel shy basing on the notion that some people are naturally confident and others very shy. In order to be able to deal with problem of shyness the first step is to accept and acknowledge that you are shy and then you can take measures to address it. The state of denial has not helped in a lot of circumstances. What must be underscored at this point is that shyness can be associated with a developing condition of anxiety panic attacks. The problem of shyness is well pronounced in people that get overwhelmed in extreme anxiety feelings resulting in serious anxiety panic attacks. This is why the problem of shyness has to be dealt with quite decisively. It is imperative to identify your points of weakness as an individual. The critical anxiety condition is the negative one which results form an overwhelming grip of fear. This is serious because it can lead to anxiety disorders, anxiety panic attacks and various other associate conditions. The worst case scenario of this condition is the disabling form of anxiety disorder. Like many medical conditions that need professional help, the victim has to be proactive with seeking appropriate help way on time before it is too late. It is not only a good idea to seek medical help on anxiety therapy and particularly to seek help on anxiety panic attacks; it is of critical importance.

One feasible way of handling shyness is to preparing yourself as a conversationalist. This entails brushing up in a lot of things or subjects that you think will make interesting subjects of discussion in your group of friends, work colleagues, etc. Things to talk about come from the different places you have visited, various things you have read and heard about. You may be going to a party or some function of a kind in which there will be convergence of your friends, colleagues, etc and you do not want to be weighed down by feeling of shyness. Brush up some ideas and talk subjects you would to be sure that they are in your finger tips and can help feasibly build up a sustainable and interesting conversation among your colleagues.

This other feasible way of dealing with shyness is to let people know that you are shy. This has not been quite a favorable option with many but the thing is that if you tell people that you are shy this will take the overbearing burden off your shoulders and you may actually find overt or covert support from among the members of your company. In cases where the members of your social group have to pick it up on their own that you ere shy it normally leads to unfavorable labeling and this may destroy your self esteem. This is why your are better positioned to deal with your shyness problem when you acknowledge it yourself to yourself and then make your associates know that you are shy.