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The detection of panic symptoms has become so important since panic attacks come in various forms and avenues of weaknesses. There are various causes of anxiety problems. There various forms through which anxiety disorders get manifest in the victim. Anxiety in its own right is not a problem at all. In fact there are some positive merits of anxiety such as giving someone the edge to study harder in preparing for an exam and cases of making use of the adrenalins to increase levels of productivity. Now anxiety becomes a hazard when it gets beyond the normal levels and gets to disrupt one's flow of life as well as tempers with one’s psychological flows. Various problems of anxiety enlist the following; Anxiety can deteriorate into a problem of panic attack. This is when sudden anxiety grips you unawares and without any fore warning whatsoever. This may occur whether your condition has deteriorated into agoraphobia or not. Agoraphobia is a worse off condition. Here-in you avoid certain places practically or psychologically related to the scenario or scenes of the previous panic attack.

One feasible way of detecting the development of anxiety attacks through the identification of specific phobias. This will be in various forms of intense fear and reactions as well specific objects and scenarios. Examples of these can be heights, large volumes of water, flying objects, etc. Other problems enlist social anxiety or what has been known as the social phobia. This one is associated with the fear of getting embarrassed in public situations. It can be closely linked to the fright of standing before a large group of people. The problem may also be based on the fear of failure to escape should a feared and anticipated attack obtain in a public place. The other problem of anxiety is what is termed generalized anxiety disorder. In this case the individual is gripped and overwhelmed by the fear of being anxious most of the time for no apparent reason. If left unattended, this type can deteriorate to a serious condition since this type can be strongly disabling. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is another form of anxiety problems. This type has to do with the surge and prevalence of unwanted thoughts or behaviorist that are recurrent and uncalled for. The other Common problem of anxiety is the post traumatic stress disorder. This type has to do with the kind o f anxiety associated or associable with anxiety which occurs when some one has gone through stressful event.

Anxiety problems come in different forms and hence the different anxiety detection techniques. Victims of the anxiety panic problems have to solicit professional help on time to avoid the condition deteriorating into some worse of psychological and physiological condition.  People suffering from the anxiety problems have to be helped by professional counseling or medical practitioners. One of the methods commonly employed in dealing with these is the cognitive behavioral theoretical approach in counseling. This method functions by helping victims of anxiety problems to shift their mindsets and get to internalize that their fears are based on what is not real. If medical help is sought on time the victims may be helped to get back on track with normal lives gain.