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One critical problem closely associated with anxiety panic attacks is the problem of mood swings. The term 'mood-swings' is used to describe that condition where you just suddenly on a high and suddenly on a low for no apparent reason. You never get to understand why your are feeling the way your feeling if you are under the grip of mood swings. This condition is also characterised by easy irritability especially when you are on the emotional low. The problem of mood swing is a common feature for young and old although it is more produced with the youths especially those going through the process of puberty. At the stage of puberty mood swings can be triggered by shifts in hormonal balance. This kind of mood swings is also typical of that which occurs through premenstrual Syndrome, pregnancy as well as post natal depression. When you are in your lows with these conditions you feel angry and you are easily irritable for no clear reason.

The triggers of mood swings can not be listed exhaustively. Mood swings can also be triggered y those major transitions in life such as getting married , shifting to a new home, graduating and anything that comes as a major development in one's life. When you also get to feel tired because you have not been sleeping enough it will be wise to check for the key signals of mood swigs as that will highly likely affect your mood. The first thing to do when you suspected the development of mood-swing problem is to be frank with yourself and the people you stay with so you can be really on the look out for key mood-swing indicators. This will help you to nip the problem in the bud in time before it degenerates to very serious problems. It must be underscored here the problem of mood swings is a very serious condition which must taken seriously. This is because mood swings are associated with anxiety panic attacks and bipolar disorders and these are serious health conditions which can lead to critical deteriorations. If not attended to on time these conditions can lead to more disabling disorders which may be difficult if not impossible to reverse.

One of the measures you have to take before seeking professional medical counsel is to monitor your moods and try to establish the pattern of your moods. This will help you to ascertain if the mood swing problem is indeed real or imaginary. The best way of doing this is devising a scale of up to ten which you can use as a measure of your moods against the different intensity indicators from the unit of one up to ten. If you use the scale to monitor your moods you will get an idea as to whether your mood is staying consistent or keeps fluctuating. If your moods are drastically shifting that is the mood swing condition that we talking about and you have to seek professional medical assistance before it is s too late. The scale can also help you to implement some action plan. For instance if according to your scale level three is a good level for you then you have to come up with means of keeping it there. This will help find ways of stabilizing your self and making the most of the fact that you are aware of your condition. Above this if at all you suspect a developing mood swing problem quickly seek professional medical help and get the problem done away with completely.