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                                      Exploring Different Anxiety Treatments  


            Millions of people in America suffer from what is known as frequent panic attacks.  They are suddenly overcome with terror, uncertainty and have the inability to concentrate.  These people are filled with anxiety and fear and do not understand why.  They are not in any immediate physical danger, yet their body is reacting as if they were.  Panic attacks are very common in early adulthood and late teens.  Nobody is positive on what causes panic attacks, however there are many types of anxiety treatments available for those who suffer from frequent panic and anxiety attacks.

            The first option that many people turn to it is the use of anxiety drugs as one of many anxiety treatments.  There are many different kinds of anxiety medications available that treat different possible sources of the anxiety.  Many of these drugs work to correct a chemical imbalance in the brain that is believed to be the cause of these attacks.  The side effects are generally very mild and anxiety medication is generally non-habit forming.  Millions of people take medication to help them deal with their frequent anxiety attacks and it appears to help.  Anybody considering taking medications should consult their family physician first.  

            There are other methods to help treat anxiety.  Many of them are well-known, such as breathing into a paper bag to help ease the panic attack.  This seems to help most people overcome their attack as they are experiencing it.  There are also other options such as doing a physical activity, such as running or going for a walk.  This will usually help most people change their point of focus from the fact that they are experiencing a panic attack to the fact that they are engaged in a strenuous physical activity, which will sometimes ease the panic attack.  These are some nondrug use, anxiety treatments that seem to help millions cope with their anxiety.

            Nobody seems to know where panic attacks come from.  Scientists believe it could have something to do with the genes and is passed down from generation to generation, while others believe it is the brain’s “fight—or – flight” mechanism kicking in more frequently than it should.  It could be a combination of both, or it could be neither.  Scientists are still working to discover the cause of panic and anxiety attacks so that there can be a definitive cure made available for those who suffer from frequent panic and anxiety episodes.

            While there are many different types of anxiety treatments available, some being medication and others being simple activities such as breathing exercises, the fact remains that millions of people are suffering from this unusual condition.  Nobody knows why people are struck with terror and uncertainty when there seems to be no danger or no reason to panic.  There are many theories about why this happens, but until an answer is discovered, people who suffer from panic and anxiety attacks can use one of many anxiety treatments to help them cope with their condition.