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                                           Recognizing Anxiety Symptoms

            There are millions of people in the United States who suffer from what is known as a panic attack.  It is commonly characterized as being overcome with terror, having heavy and irregular breathing patterns and a high heart rate.  Although this may be common in people who experience a stressful situation or may be in danger, there are some who experience anxiety symptoms more frequently than usual.  Those who have these symptoms occur on a regular basis are considered to be suffering from frequent panic attacks.  These people may have a panic attack seemingly out of the blue, reacting to a situation as if it posed immediate physical danger.

            Somebody can recognize if they are experiencing anxiety symptoms if they are suddenly overcome with fear, have an inability to concentrate and are breathing heavily and irregularly.  There is a high heart-rate and difficulty sitting still, as if there were a threat to the person’s physical well-being.  While there may be no immediate physical danger, these people still experience the body’s reaction to danger.  They feel as if they are in a situation that they cannot escape, so they begin to feel panicky and anxious, as well as desperate and uncertain.

            Those who have experienced anxiety symptoms know that it is like being in a room with the walls closing in.  There is an extreme sense of claustrophobia and vulnerability.  It is as if the world is going to end in a matter of moments and there is nothing that can be done about it.  People who experience a panic attack are short of breath and cannot seem to calm down.  Many will breath into a paper bag until they are able to relax.  Others will engage in a strenuous activity to shift their concentration away from the panic attack to the activity.  These activities include going running, doing jumping jacks or simply going for a walk while listening to music.

            There are many anxiety symptoms that take people on a wild ride through different emotions, from extreme terror to depression.  The person usually feels drained after experiencing an anxiety attack. They usually feel depressed and have no motivation or energy to do anything.  This is a part of having an anxiety and panic attack, the time immediately afterward where a person is depressed and drained from having the body react in the manner that it did.

            There is no known source of panic and anxiety attacks.  Many of the medications designed to ease panic and anxiety attacks only help treat anxiety symptoms and not the anxiety itself.  Until scientists are able to discover the root of the panic attack, there will be no definitive cure available.  However, those who are constantly stricken with panic attacks can take comfort in knowing that there is a wide array of treatments available that will help them at least cope with their condition.  The person simply needs to find other treatment that works best for them and they can continue living a normal life.