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The Franklin QD Service Box

Well what is it?

It is a new product manufactured by Franklin Electric that is to be used for diagnosing, monitoring, & troubleshooting submersible & non-submersible type pumps 1/3hp-1/2hp. Features: ·         Compatible with any Franklin Electric QD or CRC Control Box.  


·         Meter jacks for measuring voltage while the motor is running.  


·         Provides clamp-on ammeter access to all three motor leads for installations with jacketed cable or conduit.  


·         Easy to use.

This box makes it easy to check the amperage of the pumps motor which with out this box was sometimes a real pain. ·         This box will allow you to check amperage, voltage, insulation resistance, & winding resistance. ·         As always it is usually easier to change the front lid of the control box than to actually perform checks on each individual component. *WARNING*
Although this tool makes it easier to diagnose your own well pump, it is a good idea to leave these checks to a qualified licensed and bonded water well contractor. When performing the checks listed above you will be working around live power which could kill you. This product is available to purchase from any local Franklin pump supplier. Check your phone book, or perform a search online. This product is highly recommended for water well Denver Roofing Contractors that perform well inspections. The Franklin QD troubleshooting device helps save time and makes performing these checks simpler and safer. If you are a dealer of Franklin pumps already call your local distributor or branch manager for details.

This box comes with a one year manufacturers warranty that ensures this unit is free from manufactured defects. However, if you run this unit over with your SUV or drop it from a roof top your warranty would be void.

It is a good idea to purchase a Fluke voltage meter to perform the above checks. Try and use lock out tags whenever you shut the power off to make your job safer. A good resource for how to diagnose and troubleshoot a submersible pump is http://www.constantpressurepumps.blogspot.com. This product is also available for purchase at http://www.jandjpumps.com. Franklin Electric has been in the business of supplying products of this nature for more than 65 years. A nice thing about this service box is that it is made by the same company that makes the control boxes. As of the date of this article this is the only troubleshooting aid of this nature in the water industry. Another good resource to take a look at is http://www.fele.com which explains in more detail and offers pictures of this piece of equipment. If you have been in the water well industry for any time at all you know how difficult it can be to get an amp reading for a 1hp & smaller pump motor. I give this product an A+ for making the life of a “Pump Guy” that much easier. This is also a great tool for that do-it-yourself home owner that would like to take care of the problem his or herself.