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  Cool Date Ideas 

So you’ve found someone that makes your palms sweat, your heart beat fast and your knees go weak and it’s time to go out, but where? You don’t wanna suggest the usual dinner and a movie in fear of looking lame or maybe you’ve already done that and are looking for something new and different. Whatever your reason for being here, you’ve definitely come to the right place for some cool date ideas. Let’s start!

Plane Spotting: There’s something magical about flying and airplanes so if you combine this with the magic of new love and dating, and then you’re all set for a very…well…magical date! Take a drive out to the nearest airport on a Sunday afternoon and look for the groups of people with cameras and binoculars out who are watching planes since that’s a dead giveaway that you’re getting warmer as far as a great spot goes. Then drive around the area keeping your eyes open for any parks, patches of grass or even just semi-secluded lots that offer great view of the planes and potentially good spot for a date. Pack a picnic or just hit up the local drive-thru for some food or ice cream with your date and then drive over to your chosen spot. If you can spread out a blanket to sit on, great! Otherwise, climb onto the hood of the car and lean back on the windshield which makes a great backrest! The view of the planes flying just above your heads, combined with the shining sun or twinkling stars is bound to set the perfect mood for romance.

Road Trippin’: I wouldn’t recommend this as a first date or anything, but once you know that you’re into someone enough to be happy to spend a day with them, then a road trip is one of the best date ideas! This is one that you could surprise your date with if you think you know them well enough and are comfortable enough or plan with them. Choose a place that you’ll both love and that has several fun things to do, like beach and cafes and fairs in the summer or skating, places for warm cocoa and cozy dinners in the colder seasons. Leave bright and early, pack some cool tunes and some fun car snacks and don’t forget to have a blanket handy for an impromptu picnic or nap if the opportunity presents itself!

Drive In: Yep, there are still a few drive-in theatres left and as corny as the idea may seem, it’s actually pretty cool! Call it ‘retro’ if that makes you feel more hip! The greates thing about this date idea is that it would be totally unexpected. Long gone are the days when a drive-in movie was the norm and chances are that your date has never even been to one! Pick a move—any movie and clean your car! Then, get there nice and early for a good spot, make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks and bevies and you’re ready to woo your date with a very romantic and…er...retro night!