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Finding Love Through Speed Dating

How busy are we that we feel the need to speed through everything including dating?! Speed dating, which has become all the rage in dating for trendy singles since it first debuted in a café in Beverly Hills, is basically a matchmaking process that encourages people to meet in large numbers yet in a very short and timed…well…time.

Speed dating occurs in a series of steps. Men and women are rotated around a room and get the opportunity to meet each other in a span of anywhere from three to eight minutes. At end of each interval, the organizer rings a bell to let each person move on to the next person – like musical chairs! At the end of each session, the participants pass the list of people that they’re interested in to the administrator who then looks for a match. If match is found, contact information is provided to both the parties so that they can go from there.

It may seem a little strange and kinda like a game, but then again, games are an inevitable part of dating anyway, aren’t they? There are advantages of using speed dating to meet singles though, like walking into the venue knowing for certain that the men and women you meet are single and looking; not so easy to tell when you’re out at a bar on a Saturday night! You also have an instant ice breaker when you think about it since the entire experience is fun and conversation worthy! The hosts also make a point of trying to create an atmosphere that is fun and upbeat so that people can relax and have a good time. Plus, when it’s all said and done; you’re not likely to feel down and rejected the way you might after being shot down at a bar!

Speed dating is also great in the sense that the people are so randomly chosen. This may sound like a bad thing but when left to your own devices, chances are that you have a certain type that you tend to stick with when it comes to dating and it’s really easy to get stuck in a rut and not venture out of your self-made restrictions and open your mind to something or someone new. Speed dating means that you meet a varied bunch of people, many that you might never have given a chance to otherwise. Who knows, you may just find someone incredible that you might have automatically overlooked or bypassed otherwise. They say that you find love when and where you least expect it! Who knows if the person who doesn’t appear to be your type doesn’t end up being your ideal match!

There is a great big world filled with amazing singles who are also looking for love, so if speed dating can help you find someone sooner rather than later, then why not give it a whirl!