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Single? Dating Doesn’t Have To Suck

Are you single dating and sick of it? Not always easy is it? As much fun as dating should be and as much as some people revel in single life and being able to come and go as they please with no one to consider but themselves; for many of us it isn’t long before we start to wonder why it’s so hard  to find someone perfect. The problem is just that though—perfect doesn’t actually exist! But perfect for you does and that’s just one of the things keeping people from taking on dating with the right attitude.

It seems that the longer we spend being single, dating just seems to get harder and harder. Sure we master the art of dinner conversation and can pick the ideal date outfit in seconds, but having to get out there and go on yet another first date knowing that there is a good chance that you won’t hit it off just starts to put you off of dating to the point that it becomes something that you just feel you have to do instead of want to do. I suppose this is how people become jaded, isn’t it? The thing is though; you don’t have to keep going on these first dates over an over and over just in hopes that you’ll have something in common or at the very least have a good bevy. There are ways to find out if you have things in common and get along well BEFORE ever having to endure the long awkward silences of a first date gone wrong. I’m talking about using some sort of dating service. Yes, as in online dating or the likes—anything that gives single dating people the chance to chat and get to know each other long before you ever have to go out on a date or even commit to one.

Enlisting some outside help to meet people is not a cop out, it’s not desperate and it’s not a waste of time! Online dating has been proven to have an almost perfect success rate specifically that over 90 percent of first dates lead to several more. You see that—second, third and maybe even forth dates…with the same person! Better track record than what you’ve got going on, no? I’d say that stat alone makes it worth considering. There are also other options like telephone dating services or matchmaking services, but online dating sites just seem to be the most convenient, affordable and fun of them all.

Some of the perks of single dating sites include the convenience of being able to log on and use the service anytime of the day or night, low cost memberships—free if you’re a female, and the fact that you have access to hundreds of singles who you know are looking for love just like you are. And, best of all; you get to chat, email and even talk on the phone or via web cam as many times as like so that you can be sure there is some common ground, a good report and even some chemistry before you bother to have a date. This means being able to pick and choose the people you go on a date with so that you don’t have to wait till you’re face to face to decide that they’re void of personality! So like I said; no more useless first dates!