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Christian Singles: To Date or Not To Date?

Christian singles face issues when it comes to dating that others don’t. Unlike others who only feel that they need to please themselves when it comes to dating and finding a partner, Christian singles not only long to find what makes them happy but also feel the added pressure to do what God would expect them to do as good Christians. This only adds to the usual pressures that they already face in with dating.

As a devout Christian it can sometimes be hard to know when to take everything that you have learned and apply it to a situation and when to find a balance of using what you’ve learned to help guide you while knowing when to take some of your own initiative. A good example of this is when it comes to dating. You believe on one hand that God will be the one to provide you with the love that you are meant to be with when the time is right but on the other hand may be watching the years go by without finding a man or woman to love and marry which makes you want to take charge of the situation and actively start searching for a person to date. What’s a Christian to do??

In the end of it all, you really need to go with what feels right, however you should know that if you do take dating and finding a mate into your own hands, then that right there may be God’s will. You can’t stop your life dead in its tracks waiting for God to play matchmaker for you. Trust that your faith and your prayer will help to guide you by making the dating process easier for you. Just because you decide that you’re going to start using a Christian singles site to try to find love doesn’t mean that you’re going against God’s will and somehow altering the path that he had chosen for you. This could very well be the path he intended and it could be the one that leads you to your true love!

By using a Christian singles site to meet men or women who share your values, morals and belief system, you are already doing right by God. These sites will put you in touch with others who will understand you and respect you for your morals and strengths. Increasing your chances of meeting a good Christian man or women is certainly not a sin by any stretch! As a matter of fact, because you would be associating with like-minded people, you would be far less likely to give in to temptation to do anything that would be deemed as a sin. Why? Simply because the men and women that you meet through this type of site are also devout Christians who would not knowingly lead you into temptation.
If you are ready to look for love and want to try to find that love using one of the many Christian sites around, being the best Christian you can be wouldn’t mean opting out of searching for love, but rather jumping into it full force with an honest heart and an open mind. There is nothing un-Christian about wanting to find someone to love and cherish.