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Dating: A World Wide Web O’ Choice

Dating is something that people have been doing since…well, always, yet it kinda feels like it has just exploded with everything from dating blogs to movies and books and over course dating sites and services. I guess we can thank the internet for this because not only did it make dating easier by allowing us to do it from the cushy comfort of our homes but it also made it easy for the shy and introverted to mingle as well since it’s a whole lot easier to be brave from behind our computer screens.

It’s been shown that dating online is proving to be even more successful than ol’ school dating as far as making it past the first few dates go. No surprise when you think about the fact that people are able to build a bond BEFORE heading out on that first date if they chat, email and talk often before hand as so many online daters do. So as far as dating goes, this really seems to be the preferred way no matter your reasons for liking it. In keeping with that, it’s also no wonder that there are literally thousands of dating sites around. No matter who, what, where you are and why you’re using them; you can find a dating site that caters to your needs and wants.  And while all the big name sites—you know who they are—offer various communities to cater to all types of people, there are those that cater to a specific niche, making it easier for people to narrow things down, weed things out and get down to business whether it’s the business of finding other Jewish singles, Christian singles, sexy singles, plus size singles or any other kinds of singles.

To help you find the niche that best fits what you need, here is a list of what you can find as far as dating goes online:
  • Adult Dating
  • Asian Dating
  • American Dating
  • Black Dating
  • Casual Dating
  • Catholic Dating
  • Christian Dating
  • Divorced Dating
  • Ethnic Dating (pretty much covers all of them!)
  • Foreign Dating
  • Jewish dating
  • International dating
  • Plus Size Dating (also known as ‘BBW’ or ‘BHM’ dating or ‘Large’ dating)
  • Long Term Dating
  • 50+ Dating
  • Seniors Dating
  • Single Parent Dating
  • Widow Dating

And to think that what I’ve listed are just some of the more popular ones! You can pretty much search any term you want and ad dating to the end and find what it is that you’re looking for. Dating web rings are especially great for finding all things related to dating because you not only have access to all sorts of online dating sites but also resources for daters like dating advice, articles on dating, sex, relationships and marriages and a whole bunch of other things as well.

If you’re looking to meet people but aren’t really sure that you want to bother with a dating site, there are always chat sites  or chat rooms as well so that you can mingle  and schmooze to your heart’s content.