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Dating Blogs: Your Amusement and Info Source in One

I blame the crazy amounts of dating blogs on Sex and the City for making everyday women want to write about their dating experiences online through blogging. It ain’t all cosmos and Manolos though! Dating blogs also include weblogs connected to online dating sites where members get to bitch and moan and gripe and sometimes even gush about their experiences in dating.

Not everyone is a fan of dating blogs and especially not the guys who date like it’s a sport and lead women on like it’s going out of style since these are the guys who often get blogged about! For the most part though, dating blogs can be a great source of entertainment and do the part of a support group, advice counselor, good friend and even shrink thanks to their candid look into the lives of othear daters who have been where you are and are able to relate. Misery really does love company which is why we instantly feel better when we hear about yet another person, who like you, got stood up or lied to or dumped by way of a post-it note. (Yes, another Sex and the City reference for you). Don’t get me wrong; we’re just as happy to pop by our fave dating blog to celebrate with the blogger when things do finally go right in their dating lives! It just feels nicer to know that we’re not the only ones being jerked around by our dates!

Dating blogs are more than just an amusing stroke to our egos though as they also usually offer some very valuable dating advice and tips from others who also make up the dating world. Blogs belonging to online dating sites allow members to post their experiences and they also often use the blog to post articles on dating—both of which are really helpful and informative to anyone dating. It’s also a nice boost to come across posts by people who have met their ideal match using the same service that you are because it reminds you that it can happen to you too and makes it a little easier to be patient…at least for a while.

The number of dating blogs online these days far surpasses any counting you could do using your fingers and toes, so you’re bound to find one that you enjoy reading. To be honest; they’re kind of addictive much in the way that soap operas are and before you know it, you’ll be popping in regularly just to see  how your blogger is making out with so and so! Another nice distraction when dating’s got you down.

Whatever your reasons for reading dating blogs, one thing is for sure; you’re bound to find not only a fun little pastime but also valuable advice and information that will make the long hard road to finding your soul mate a lot easier. And a little bonus; it may lead you to some hotties who use the same online dating site that you do!