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Advice for BBW Singles Lookin’ For Love

BBW singles have never had it so good as far as dating goes as they do right now. Have you noticed the number of sites out there that cater specifically to plus size women? It’s almost overwhelming—though in the best sense of the word! Not only does it show an acceptance of a larger size (‘bout time considering the majority of the population is full figured!!) but it also gives big beautiful women a place to meet men without having to weed through an endless list of singles who still haven’t made it past media’s message that thin is the way to go. (Personally I think most men prefer a fuller woman but are just not quite man enough to admit it yet!)

BBW singles don’t only have the online options for dating but there are also magazines and e-zines geared to BBW singles that offer everything from dating advice to beauty and fashion so you can looks as hot as can be on your dates, such as Curvaceous Fashion Guide (www.4wow.net) which is a guide that helps biggy-licious women find plus size clothes that are sexy and fabulous and very much date-friendly! There are also all kinds of events and functions for BBWs and the men who love them so you can mingle with guys who will adore your every beautiful inch. If a planned event like a dance or a cruise ain’t your thing, then do an online search of BBW clubs in your area. Yes, they do exist and they are just as the name suggests; night clubs that celebrate BBWs and give you a place to shake your ample groove thing with other voluptuous lovelies and guys who love them.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to start looking for singles right now, then here is a little list that should help you figure out where to turn as far as BBW singles sites go. This list will offer a little overview of just some of the most popular plus size dating sites around so that you choose the best one for you.
Large Passions.com: This site is simple to use, has quite an impressive members list and is 100 percent free! I noticed as well that they have links to several other BBW dating sites and resources which is always a plus and helps make things even more convenient!

BBWPersonalsPlus.com: They seem to be some how related to LargePassions and boast that they get over 1,000 new members daily which makes them worth checking out for sure! The more the merrier is what I always say!

BBWCupid.com: On first visiting the site, my eyes were immediately drawn to the good looking guys they had listed—hell ya’! The site is well designed, very pro-plus size and easy to navigate. Did I mention the cute guys?? Seriously, check ‘em out!

LargeAndLovely.com: This site looks more classic than the others and with that seems to come a good decent and elegant approach to connecting BBW singles. The site seems to be genuinely catered to helping BBWs and BHMs find lasting love.

BBW-Central.com: For those of you looking for something sexier than just dating…like sex, casual sex, alternative sex and any other kind of sex, then this site is for you. This one is the ideal place for any BBW who wants to get her freak on with guys, girls or both, who love a big girl! Get your sexiest pics ready for a profile on this one! It is HOT!!