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BBW Dates: Get On It!

The term ‘BBW’ came from a magazine that was started in the late 70’s, and I think there would definitely be a consensus on its meaning, Big & Beautiful Woman.  There are a countless number of sites that focus on BBW dates and I’m sure we would be surprised by their success rate.  Their success can be attributed to a number of factors; first you have a woman who has mustered up the courage to label themselves as a big woman, a huge step for most BBW women.  Then you have a man who has defied the media image of “perfect” and admitted that he is attracted to plus size women and would like a BBW date!  These men come in all shapes and sizes…some are BHM’s (Big Handsome Men) and others are just your average sized man.  One thing is for sure, when you have people on a plus size dating site being honest and upfront from the start, it only leads to great success!  So there is equal importance in being HONEST about who you are and what you look like as there is in being open about what you are looking for in your BBW date.  

With so much focus from the media on looking “perfect” and being the ideal size 2, it is a nice change to stop by a web-site that focuses on helping people get BBW dates.  What the media fails to acknowledge is that there are probably more voluptuous women around than what they show as “normal”!  Seriously, it isn’t often that you see a size 16+ woman in the media, though it would be nice to create a size- positive image.  Many BBW and BHM people find these plus size dating sites to be very empowering and a good outlet for stroking your ego!  Men on these sites not only appreciate your curves and rolls, they love them and are on the dating site looking for someone with these features—every round inch! Besides, we all know there is a lot more to any woman than her body, regardless of its size or shape. 

The number of sites catering to the plus size market is growing daily and it’s in your best interest to sign up for more than one!  You need to keep your options open if you are serious about finding someone!  Many of the sites require you to pay to use them, either with a credit card or with PayPal.  The site will allow you to post a profile of some sort, but if you actually want to contact someone you will need to have a full membership which will range in price.  Going for the largest package available usually works out to be the cheapest, but then you may be stuck with a membership if you find someone in the first month! Some sites are actually free, and you can’t ask for better than that!  So, time to pull up your favorite search engine and type in BBW dates and see what comes up.  Really, you have nothing to lose and a bunch of amazing experiences to gain!