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Large Dates for the Big and Proud

Come on now and repeat after me: “I’m large and a got a whole lot of lovin’ to give!”

Large is sexy and beautiful and a reality of our society so it’s about time  that the dating companies realized it to and did something about it by creating dating services and sites for large dates. And just to be clear; unlike BBW dating sites, those that cater to large dates are for big and beautiful women AND men alike so now gals who like a man with some meat on his bones have a place to find them as do the men who like a gal with some junk in her trunk. Hallelujah!

Large dating sites are popping up all the time now which is to be expected considering the majority of the American population is considered large or heavy. It seems that dating sites have not fallen victim to the media’s constant message that to be thin is sexy and to be fat is not. As a matter of fact, dating sites dedicated to large men and women are just as popular as those more mainstream sites—another indicator that you really can be sexy and gorgeous at any size.

If you’re going to become a member of one of these sites you really don’t need to do anything different than you would with any other internet dating site. You’ll need to register and become a member which is easy enough. Then you’ll need to create a profile—likely the hardest part of the whole deal since you need to try to make the best first impression possible based on a photo of yourself and a blurb in a tiny box on the webpage! Make a point of putting some real effort into your profile since it does in the end make or break your online dating experience. Let’s face it; a boring profile will get clicked right past every time. Isn’t that what you do with the profiles that don’t jump out at you? Of course it is! So think about the impression you want to make and choose your words based on that. And yes, please be honest! And remember that confidence is sexy and can come across in your messages. You know what a great catch you are, so make sure that your profile and messages convey it to everyone you deal with.

Once you’ve got your profile up and ready, then you get to the fun part—schmoozing! You get to browse all of the profiles and see who makes your heart skip a beat. You also get to sit back and watch the messages roll in from those whose hear skipped a beat when they came across your profile. Ahh, what a nice feeling and boost for the ego….

Large dates are easy to find if you know where to look and how to get them, so now that I’ve helped you with that, it’s time to send you off into the wonderful world of dating where you can celebrate being your large, fabulous self! Good luck!