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Dating Trouble - An Inevitable Part of Life

Dating doesn’t always go well for some people and during your dating life,  you will find that just as many negative and frustrating things will happen as fun and positive. And as it goes,  how you deal with these things  will determine how your date continues or if  you want to go on another date with that person ever again. So is the world of dating trouble.

An important thing to remember is that not everything will go as planned. Aside from your own attitude, some outside influences can put a downer on your date as well, so you need to remember this and always view the date as a matter of ‘what happens, happens’ because not everything is in your control.

No matter what method you’re using to get your dates; none are exempt from the woes associated with dating. All types of dating can have their problems and this includes; speed dating, online dating, blind dating, and traditional dating and any other kind of dating you can think of!

One of the biggest causes of dating troubles comes from being misled. Always make sure that you make your intentions crystal clear before going on your date as not everyone is looking for a long term relationship. There are some people who are just looking for a fling and others just a one night stand. By making your intentions clear from the start you will make sure that the date goes well and that there are no misunderstandings that will create an awkward situation near the end of your date. For instance, if you are both unclear about intentions; his idea of desert could mean some sweet times between the sheets while you were thinking that you’d be going out for gelato! Some times what you have in mind for your date will change during your date as you will see that they are not what you are looking for long term. If this does happen you need to make sure that your date realizes this and honesty is always the best policy when it comes to dating, even if it’s brutal, heart-crushing honesty!

Another thing that you need to do is always make sure that you tell someone where you are going, what time and where you are meeting and who it is that you’re going out with.  This way you are making sure you are protecting your safety at all times and avoiding the worst possible kind of dating troubles—the ones that are dangerous.  If you have met your date online then you really don’t know at this point whether the person you are going to meet is actually who they say they are. Disturbing as it is, some people are not always truthful in their profile and do lie about everything from their age and weight to personality and everything in between. These types of people are masters of deception to try and get you to meet them, so if your date does turn out to be not who they made out to be then just leave. It can happen to anyone so don’t blame yourself or let it put you off dating again as not everyone is a nasty, lying  jerk and true love does exist—even online!