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Being Aware of Your Date Chat and Other Etiquettes for Dating

There are a few things you need to know before you go on your date that is better to know about before you wade in there. It’s like a form of etiquette that is an un-written rule when you are out on a date that will ensure that your date goes well. As excited as you will feel leading up to your date you still have to make sure that you prepare before your date. No matter how spontaneous you are, there are just some things that are better planned rather than left to the last minute like; what to wear – try and see what the weather forecast says is in store so that you end up prepared for any type of weather but always have a back up plan outfit so if the weather does change last minute you will always have something already set out so you don’t panic. Another thing that is always best to prepare for is your date chat plan. You can do this by bringing up subjects that you know your date will be especially interested in. It may seem like a lotta work but having something of interest to him or her to talk about  shows you have cared enough to find out more about their likes and dislikes and will instantly give you bonus points with the other person….and keep you from looking like a total idiot when conversing with them! Also try and found some common ground before the date and by 'common' I mean things that wouold appeal to everyone.You do this by reading up on current affairs before your date not only will they be happy that you are able to break any kind of awkward silences but they will understand that you are not a boring person and you are adaptable to any kind of situation. This will always go down well with any man or woman and is a good tip to use throughout your daily life in general.

While you are on your date you should know that there are some very big dos and don’ts that you should stick to no matter what;

1. Always be polite and use your manners: There is nothing worse than a person who you go out on a date with who is rude, unpleasant and just a total slob of a person! Ugh!

2. Subjects to avoid at all costs : Some people can get very passionate about certain subjects so it is best to leave them alone during the first few dates or until you are completely sure that you are both comfortable with them; these include politics, religion, children (unless you have them already), your ex and money. All of these subjects can lead to heated conversations that can be uncomfortable and just downright vicious! Some things really are just better left unsaid.

3. Listen: Some people go on a date and talk for hours about nothing other than themselves. Although it’s good to talk some about yourself, you really should make sure that the conversation is not always one-sided. No one wants a self-centered jerk! Ask questions and listen to the answers in full and then feel free to add anything you can to the conversation. Being a good listener shows that you are considerate and really does make you a good catch.