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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Dates

You know how the song goes; You Can’t Hurry Love’, but who ever said that you can at least hurry the process along and get dates at warp speed?? Seriously, you can get dates—and lots of them—really quickly if you like. And when it comes to finding love, there is absolutely nothing wrong with dating as many people as you can since the more people you meet, the more chances you have of finding your true love!

A big problem with the way people go about dating is that they put all of their eggs in one basket, meaning they meet one person at a time and put all of their hope and expectations into that one person in hopes that he or she is THE one and then what happens when they turn out not to be? The process of looking for someone starts all over again, though usually after some ice cream and a little bit of sulking. How silly does that seem?? This is why lining up several dates is a good way to go. Plus, you get the pleasure of getting out, hopefully having fun and being exposed to all kinds of new people.

Try checking out a few online dating sites. Creating a profile only takes a few minutes and you can start contacting other singles right away. Even if dark hair is your thing; don’t limit yourself! Drop a message to anyone that appeals to you even if the appeal is that you like that they also like dogs or have a nice smile or live in the same neighborhood. Think outside of your own box for a change and make this an experiment to see what else is actually out there! You may not find love in a brunette after all and you won’t know this until you try.

Something else that is just soooo important is to be honest when it comes to telling people about yourself. Not only does no one want to be misled, but you also risk making yourself look like a total jerk in the process! Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Lying and trying to keep up appearances is exhausting and in the end you will never find real love if you’re lying to someone else or even yourself. Honesty really is the nest policy when it comes to dating and life in general. Mind you; you don’t need to necessarily tell everyone you meet that you’re on a mission to go on 30 dates this month or anything! A little common sense please.

Online date sites are available to you 24/7 so you can browse and troll at your convenience! You can start right now and get dates lined up starting as early as tomorrow even if you’re so bold! So give it a try, put yourself out there and open yourself up to a big world full of great singles that are also looking for love! You’ll be glad you did!