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Widow Dating: When You Feel You’re Ready to Get Back Out There


The devastation felt by losing a spouse is something that I won’t even try to explain with words because there are none that could ever really express or do justice to how it really feels to lose the person that you’d planned to spend the rest of your life with. The idea of ever wanting to be with someone else will seem preposterous for awhile, but eventually, you may start to long for the company of someone who can add some joy back into your life. That’s when you may want to consider a widow dating service.


As a widow dating—or widower—there will be times when you hesitate and times when you wonder if you can go through with it at all. By dating someone else who has been through the loss of a spouse, you can take comfort in knowing that they understand your hesitation and your fear because they too have been there. A widow dating service will put you in contact with other widows or widowers so that you can ease your way back into dating knowing that the people you meet through the service have that same experience in common with you which will definitely make the transition easier. If you think that you’d like to give one of these online dating services a try, then it’ll be helpful to have an idea of how they work.


A dating web ring or directory will lead you to various options as far as online dating sites go. You don’t have to use one that is specific to widow dating but you may find it more comfortable. When you’ve chosen the service that you will use, your next step is to create a profile which is basically your first impression to other members and possible dates. Including a photo with your profile is proven to get you more replies, so it is definitely recommended. You’ll need to introduce yourself to other members using a few sentences about yourself and what you’re looking for. Try to make it short and to the point while still making sure that the tone expresses who you are. Be honest about yourself and what you hope to find by using the service. Your sincerity and genuineness will go a long way in getting you noticed and helping to attract likeminded people. And finally, do not give out any personal details like contact numbers or last names. Not only is it for your own safety but it’s usually against the sites policy as well.


Once you’ve got your profile all ready to go, all you have left to do is browse through the profiles of those that fit your criteria and contact the ones that look appealing. You can also expect to start getting some messages from those who see your profile in the listings and find you appealing. This is one thing in life that really doesn’t have to be complicated. Enjoy! And welcome back!