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50+ Dating Sites Reviewed For Your Information

It has occurred to me after listening to various men and women gripe that 50+ dating is not all that easy sometimes. When you find yourself single at middle age, it often times is because you’ve gotten out of a bad marriage or two or have dealt with the heartache of losing your partner. No wonder dating after 50 isn’t easy! The more I thought about it, the more I realized that after living through years of marriage or dealing with being widowed or even just participating in a couple of decades worth of serial dating; you deserve a break! And, I would love to be the one to throw you a bone and make the 50+ dating experience a little easier, sweeter and hopefully sans drama! How do I propose to do this you ask? By giving you my unbiased review of three well known 50+ dating sites so you know where to go to meet some fun singles who are looking for the same things you are—no matter what that may entail.

Here we go!

LavalifePrime.com: You can expect great things from any site that bears the Lavalife name. Let’s face it; Lavalife is like the Cadillac of dating services as it is, so ad to that a spin off site for members between the ages of 40 to 65 and approximately 40, 000 members and you’ve got yourself one awesome resource for finding love Baby Boomer style!

SeniorFriendFinder.com: This is just one of the many sites under the super popular Friend Finder umbrella. It is probably one of the biggest as far as 50+ dating goes thanks to their massive members list that boasts over 400,000 men and women worldwide! The site is easy to navigate just as you’d expect from a Friend Finder site and you can expect well over 2000 members to be online at any given time which is great, but one word of caution; beware the cheaters! Maybe it’s the age group or perhaps simply the fact that the best known of the Friend Finder sites happens to be one dedicated to adult fun…a.k.a. SEX which may have somehow spilled over into this one. All in all though, it’s a great place to meet singles over 50 and the endless profiles with pic make it feel like a buffet of virtual dates!

SeniorMatch.com: This is a nice lookin’ site which automatically scores some brownie points with me and anyone else who would prefer not to spend too much time looking at an eyesore! Members are all 50 and over and the site has approximately 25,000 members. The site’s F.A.Q. site is really thorough and does seem to answer every question that you could possibly have which is great—especially as many others leave you in the lurch as far as answers go. Aesthetically pleasing and a nice selection of men and women to me equal a good choice and value for your money.

Now that you have an idea where to start it’s time to get on it and start looking for the love that you deserve as well as some much needed fun along the way!