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How to Meet Guys


If you’re looking to meet guys and don’t really know where to start, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. There are loads of great ways to meet some hotties and we’ll go over a few that are sure to get you well on the road to meeting someone great.

First let’s talk about where you can go to meet guys. I’m sure you know all of the usual spots like school, work, the gym, bars. The place that you may be overlooking is by far the easiest and most convenient way—not to mention a lot of fun if you play your cards right! I’m talking about the internet! Stop laughing and hear me out!

Online dating may seem a little lame to some but this is totally unfounded because it has actually been proven to have an almost perfect success rate! If you think about it; how much time do you actually devote every week to meeting new people and potential dates? Probably next to none, right? You’re not alone; most of us are too busy with other commitments to be out trolling for guys even though we really would like to meet someone special. By turning to online dating, you get to do your trolling…searching…any time that you can afford to because dating sites are always just a click away no matter what time of the day or night. The other awesome thing about online dating is that you have a virtual buffet of boys laid out before you! Hundreds of them actually! There’s something you aren’t guaranteed to find at the local café or library—hundreds of SINGLE men all in the same place and looking for love. If you just give it a try I can almost assure that you’ll be hooked before you know it. Try it and see for yourself!

Now that we know where to meet guys, lets talk about how to meet them. If you’re talking about online dating, then it’s a matter of browsing the profiles and contacting the ones that you’re interested in. Remember that your initial message will basically be your first impression along with your profile—both of which should be simple, witty and honest. Don’t go into too much detail in your first message as to why you chose to contact him. Simple will go a long way, so even just something as basic as letting him know that you think that you’d have lots in common and would love to talk is good enough. When you get as far as planning to meet in person; suggest somewhere public since the last thing you wanna do is meet a stranger in a secluded place or god forbid your home! Always think of your safety when making plans with someone you don’t know.

The same tips can apply when you’re talking about how to meet guys in person. A simple opening line or introduction is all you need and if you seem to hit it off, by all means agree to or even suggest meeting again to get to know each other better. And yes, some place public.

See, you can meet guys without a lot of fuss. Just use these tips and have fun!