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Lookin’ to Meet Women?


We’ve all seen guys get portrayed like these horn-dogs who are out to meet women—lots of ‘em—for nothing more than a casual fling. And while I know that those sorts of men do exist, I also know that there are quite a few of you out there who genuinely want to meet a good woman who you’ll really connect with. And it is for you my good guys who this article is for.

If you want to meet women for more than just a fling then you’re gonna need to be willing to put forth some effort and do a little work. You can begin by forgetting anything that you may have been doing up until now since it obviously hasn’t been working for you. And how do I know it hasn’t? Easy—you’re reading this article on how to meet women!

If you’ve been hitting the usual places like bars and pubs in hopes of meeting a good woman, then you need to change things up. I am not saying that good women don’t go to these places, but rather that they don’t really offer you the best opportunity to meet someone that you’re likely to want long term since these places are generally loud and crowded and almost impossible to carry on a real conversation in. Sure you could meet someone you’re attracted to and ask her out, but by the time you follow the 3 day rule to call her and then get your date scheduled and actually go on the date, you’ve possibly wasted a good week only to find out that she’s not a good match for you. How can you get around this? My suggestion is online dating.

Online dating is great for guys who want to meet women for long term relationships because when you log into a site that is dedicated to those looking for love, you already know that your desire for a commitment is something that you have in common. There is no guessing as far as what she wants out of a relationship which right away gets you on the right track with dating. Another reason why online dating is the best choice for you is that it offers you a chance to get to know someone and build a rapport with them before you even meet so you’re improving your chances at going out with women that you will have a connection with. Getting to know someone before a date has proven to be the reason why online dating has such a high success rate. And finally, online dating makes it easier for people to open up. Men have reported preferring online dating because the anonymity of communicating online makes it easier for them to be honest which actually helps you to start building a sort of relationship with a women before even meeting which ups the chances of a first date turning into several more.

There are great women out there and you can meet women online who want the things that you do. Give it a try! You won’t know how right I am until you do!