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So You Wanna Meet Men


That’s okay sister! Say it loud and say it proud! Now the question is how to get out there and meet men and how to spot the good ones. Don’t worry, I got your back. Here are a few tips for those of you who wanna meet men—and lots of ‘em!

My first bit of advice is to relax and go into this with the right attitude. Sure we all wanna meet the one man who is gonna love us forever and treat us like gold, but you’re not gonna get that far if you put pressure on every guy you meet and try to get yourself an instant boyfriend! Relationships take time and finding the one who is perfect for you is not something that you can force. There are way too many women going on dates with marriage and babies and other motives on the mind which leaves no room for what dates are supposed to be; fun and a chance to see where it goes! You can’t force someone to be THE ONE, so lighten up, have some fun and let things happen naturally.

Secondly, you need to put yourself out there. Mr. Right is not gonna come knocking on your door! By put yourself out there, I mean on the dating scene. Try online dating which is a virtual buffet for those looking to meet men! Most sites let women join free, so you have no excuse! Create a profile that shows exactly who you are and what makes you so great and make sure you include a great pic too…of yourself! Then, start browsing the listings of profiles and contact the guys who tickle your fancy. Be open to meeting the ones that seem like a good fit. Always meet in a public place for safety. And don’t fixate on just one! Get out there and date, date, DATE! Make a point of meeting lost of new people and making the most of the time you have with them by really engaging in the conversation and just enjoying talking with someone new. The worst that’ll happen is that you end up having a cup of coffee with some conversation and that ain’t so bad.

Thirdly, don’t forget that everywhere you go offers you the chance to meet men! Grocery stores, gyms, libraries, walking the dog…everywhere! This means it’s time to stop running errands in your PJ’s or sloppy round-the-house clothes and brush your hair. Women are quick to reserve the primping for special occasions and dates, but forget that there are single men all over the place, including behind you in line at the grocery store! Do you want loose flannel pants and a rat’s nest for a do to be what your first impression is made of??!

Meeting men is not hard, it’s keeping the faith and putting forth the effort to meet the right one that can be difficult. If you remember that life is not a dress rehearsal and consider every moment an opportunity to make the most of, then it won’t be long before you do find love. In the meantime you can have a lot of fun trying!