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                           Your Date Help Bible

Having help when you are dating is a necessary step to help you from making some very silly mistakes. The type of date help can be advice from your friends who have been successful or even your parents. If you feel a little funny about asking for help then getting advice on the internet is the way to go for you. In this article we will tackle all of the best advice that has been collected by all the people who have found their true love and some advice from those who didn’t. Think of it as your how-to dating bible!

1. Confidence: This is the first and foremost most important thing you need to tackle and by removing the fear from your mind about who you are and what you look like will make you shine. If you have confidence in yourself others will too.  You have to learn to love yourself for if you do not love yourself how can you expect someone else to love you? Until you learn to love your self you will find that you are unable to date successfully this is down to the vibe you are giving off. The best way to over come this, you need to accept that the past is the past and that if we can accept this we can truly move on to a happier and more fulfilled life.

2. Identify and celebrate your strength and ignore but aware of your weaknesses: It is also important make sure you know what your strengths are and that if you always are sure to play on them you will never go far wrong. Positive thoughts allow positive things to happen to you. But it is also good to know what your weaknesses are so that you can avoid situations that could expose you to them.

3. Exercise: It does not matter what shape you are or even what size of clothing you may take. But keeping a healthy lifestyle allows you to have a healthy mind too. By exercising you will accomplish this.

4. Always be yourself keep your personality your own: It is always good to allow yourself to be yourself never try to copy someone else as all you are doing is selling someone else and then they will be disappointed and feel cheated by you.

6. Plan your date: You may already have experience in this but you should always plan every date. Always plan every detail right from what to wear to how to say goodbye. After making the plan, have a look and see if there are any flaws in it. If there are then change your plan.

7. Date conversation: The conversation on a date should always be healthy; it should not include any topics that will make your date feel embarrassed in any way. You should try to be a good listener as this is a quality that is always attractive. When you are talking try and not show them you are nervous. Also try and ask interesting questions that are appropriate to the date number.

Taking this advice to heart and implementing it into the way you date will help you get the most out of dating and ultimately lead you to your perfect match.