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Being A Single Mom Dating Doesn't Have To Be Scary

Getting back to dating after divorce, separation, being widowed etc can be very scary for a woman who is also a mother. Being a single mom dating, she has her own children to look after and getting into a new relationship after the bitter experience of an unsuccessful marriage or relationship can be very hard for her. If she has been made a widow it can be even harder as trying to forge a new relationship with a new man can bring back lots of dreams and thoughts, and feeling for her departed partner or husband. Within her mind she will feel torn because on the one hand she will feel guilt for wanting to move on and on the other fear for the same happening again and being left alone once more. Another reason will be that she will feel she looks bad in the eyes of her children for trying to replace their father even though this is not the case. But how will they react? How should she feel? Here are some tips and advice on how to get over with these fears and feelings and get into a new relationship that is right for you and your children.

Before getting into a new relationship you should accept the past for what it is, the past. Lay down your own rules and forget what other people think the only people who count here is yourself and your children. Everyone else in society can think what they want to think because you will know when the right time for you to begin dating is, not them, so get rid of any guilt you may still be feeling and get back out there. If you are unsure of how to go about dating again as you have been out of the game so to speak for a while then why not try online dating. This way you can feel protected somewhat from rejection if things don’t work out. Also there is a wider range of people available on the internet compared to those you meet locally. By having a wider choice you can have a better chance at finding the person who is right for you. If you want to narrow your search down you can change the options on your search to only include people of a certain age, distance from your home or area and who are looking for the same thing you are. This way you can sieve through the “rubbish” and find the right person quicker.
When you do start dating people be honest with your children about what you are doing but don’t go into detail too much about it as you do not want to confuse them. When the relationship become stronger and you feel that you are ready to tell your children more information then do and then when both your new partner and your children are ready introduce them to each other. Until this time you should not ask your new partner to do favors for your children until they are ready to start building up a relationship of their own.