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The Art of Double Dates and Making Them Fun for All


Double dates may sound like something out of a cheesy fifties sitcom, but they are still very much alive and well. It’s no wonder when you consider all of the benefits of a double date, like having a perma-wing man with you from start to finish. Then there’s the whole splitting the expenses and the fun factor involved with having more than two people on your date in case you wanna go bowling or turn even a small dinner into a bit of a party! There’s nothing cheesy about all that! Plus, think of how great it is to have a buddy around to offer you feedback and insight when you need it! And don’t forget that by getting along with your date’s friends you will probably score some major brownie points that can work in your favor! And…yes, there’s more; having a friend there means being more comfortable which will make for a way better date because you’ll be able to relax a little more and enjoy yourself properly.

They really can be a great thing if planned and handled properly. Sure it may sound easy enough but if you think about it, you’re no longer just trying to find something fun to do that your date will enjoy but two other people on top of that. Things could get tricky when you’ve got a few different personalities at play along with the pressure of wanting things to go well with your date. You definitely need to do a little bit of thinking and planning if you want a double date to go off without a hitch. Don’t fret though, because it is possible and I’ll tell you how.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your date is cool with the idea of bringing two others along on your date. You may think a night of beers and wings for your little group sounds great while your date may have been looking forward to something a little more intimate. Run it by your date beforehand to make sure that it’s all good to avoid any problems later. If all parties are fine with the whole double date thing, then you need to plan something that everyone is likely to enjoy. It may be impossible to make everyone perfectly happy, but by asking their input it’ll sure make it a lot easier! You can always plan a couple of different things so that there is a little something for everyone, like dinner and a movie or a movie followed by drinks, etc. If you suspect that your date or one of the others was hoping for something a little more intimate, then make sure that you give them the opportunity to have some alone time somehow, like by stopping for a walk along the water for instance so that way you can pair off for a bit.

Double dates don’t have to be a major pain in the butt if you take the time to give things a little thought and put in the planning that they deserve.