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5 Lil’ Love Tips to Keep Your Relationship Strong


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with someone a few months or a few years; you can always stand to learn ways to keep your relationship as happy as can be. You can love each other like crazy but that won’t stop your relationship from getting a little stale or left in the lurch as time passes. It’s easy to take someone for granted when they’re a part of your every day life for awhile, but with a little effort and these hot lil’ love tips; you can keep the magic and the romance alive and well in your relationship!

Lil’ Love Notes: It only takes a second to take a piece of paper and a pen and jot down something sweet; a lil’ I love you left on the pillow or a lil’ something naughty jotted down and slipped into a briefcase for a midday surprise. No pen? No problem! Use lipstick to leave a special message on a mirror!

Lil’ Memories: There is nothing like a trip down memory lane to rekindle the excitement of your love back when it was new. Have a look at old pictures and talk about things you did and felt back when you first met. Maybe surprise your love with a little scrapbook filled with mementos from your past. It doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate, just thoughtful.

Lil’ Kisses: Kissing has almost become a lost art! How sad that we often get to a point in our relationships where kisses become obligatory pecks if even any at all! Make a point of kissing the one you love as often as you can. There may not always be time for an all-out make-out session, but a soft kiss on the forehead or planting one real good one on him or her when they get home as a way to say that you’re happy to have them there is all you need to make a HUGE difference. Take the time to kiss once a day and see how much closer and happier you’ll feel.

Lil’ Gifts: I’m not talking about any major bling here—though that’s always nice—just something small and unexpected to show your love. You can always opt for the tried and true standbys like chocolates and flowers, even if you pick the flowers yourself. Buy them that movie that they’ve been eyeing and be willing to watch it with them or pick up a lil’ somethin’ naughty to spice things up. The point isn’t about how much money you spend but rather the fact that you were thinking of them at some point in your day and took the time to pick up a little present to show them and make them smile.

Three Lil’ Words: It takes a split second to say ‘I love you’ yet we so rarely say it. Those three simple words can make someone’s day…no…more! It can make someone’s heart melt! So say it as often as you can because no one will ever get sick of hearing it as long as it’s true and comes from the heart.