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Stop Turning to Movies and Novels For Love Help!

You know what’s wrong with love and dating today? People just don’t seem to know ho to do it right anymore! People expect perfection in their partner even though true perfection doesn’t actually even exist and then their expectations of what a relationship or a marriage should be are so over the top that they’re bound to wind up unhappy about it at some point. People seem to have forgotten about what really matters in love. Why is this? Who knows! It could be anything from not knowing where to turn for love help to taking all of their advice and how-to’s about love from the movies. You know the ones; where the women are all a perfect size 2 with perky breasts that defy gravity and the men are all perfectly chiseled specimens who wear Armani suits to their perfect stress-free jobs and come home with flowers for their wives and ready for a night of romantic lovin’ followed by a nice long cuddle fest with a glass of wine! No wonder we need some serious love help!

Do you wanna know what the reality is when it comes to ‘real life’ relationships and marriage? First, a size 2 only happens in a percentage of the population smaller than that, breasts don’t stay perky unless you can afford a nip and tuck to keep ‘em that way and even if you could, chances are that your man—who has a squishy beer gut and nothing chiseled about him but the bump on his nose—would never let you spend that money anyway because you’d probably need it to pay bills. And as for coming home and ready for romance after a hard day’s work; unless a bucket of chicken and a playful smack on the ass is romantic, you’ll likely spend your night watching TV or talking about the busy day you had before heading off to bed and falling asleep without the idea of lovemaking anywhere near your mind let alone your loins! Is that bad? Is that the grounds to end your relationship? No, because that’s life and if we threw in the towel every time a relationship had to deal with the mundane everyday stuff, then we’d be changing partners more frequently then our panties or end up single forever!

When your love life seems to fall even a smidge below the level of things that we see on TV or that we read in romance novels that our lives “should” be, you don’t need to be rushing off in search of love help to try and reach a level of perfection that doesn’t exist. The kind of love help that you need is from someone who has been married for fifty years and wouldn’t trade the bucket of chicken dinners and the nights spent too tired for anything but sleep or even the mundane AND nasty things like washing your partner’s dirty skivvies for anything else in the world! Ask your grandparents if it was always about roses and horse drawn carriages throughout their marriage and be prepared to have them laugh at your question! Love is accepting someone for exactly who they are. Love is also looking at your not-a-size-2 girl or your no-six pack-abs guy and not even really noticing those things. Love is also about committing to make someone a part of your life, through good and bad and not bailing every time things don’t seem perfect. Love is about the two of you and NOT the over the top romance that you see on TV.

So the next time you feel a suck attack coming on because his special night that he planned didn’t involve candles and roses, remember that he still loves you and doesn’t necessarily turn to romance novels and romantic comedies for his love help. Maybe it’s time you stopped it to and learned to be happy for the love of the person that you do have.