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Getting the Most Out of Casual Dating


Who says that every date has to be high pressure and a part of a race to find your soul mate as though it’s now or never?? What’s wrong with casual dating and just enjoying the moment and each other?? Geez!

The problem with dating is the difference in what people are looking for. Some are looking for long term commitments and instant couple-hood and others just want to have some casual fun and see what happens. That’s not the problem though; it’s when one of each ends up with the other that sh*t hits the fan! While you can’t expect to make those that you date settle for less than they want and most certainly shouldn’t lie about what you really want, or rather don’t want; there is still hope for you when it comes to casual dating without having to keep ending up having the ‘we –just-don’t-want-the-same-things’ talk.

First off, I am all for being upfront even if it means risking pissing someone off and maybe even getting smacked! Honesty is the best policy after all. But an even better way is to make a point of meeting those who are also just looking for some fun, casual dating as opposed to something more serious. And yes, this is actually possible if you think in terms of personals and online dating. This is pretty much a sure fire way to meet others who are looking for some casual fun outside of just winging it and hoping for the best. Whether you enlist the help of a dating service or place an ad in the personals; you can rest assured that the people who will see your ad or profile and get in touch are doing so because they are online looking for the same thing. Make things easier for yourself by posting in listings that cater to casual dating.

Now that you know where to find some likeminded people, let’s give you some basics on creating a profile or a personals ad. First thing’s first; be as honest as you can about what you want even if what you want is to get lucky a couple times a week sans commitment! There is no need to pretend to want a relationship from someone in order to get them to sleep with you! You’ll be surprised by how much easier things will be when you’re up front—even about sex. If you are thinking of casual dating in terms of just seeing where things can go because you’re not quite sure if you even want a ‘relationship’ then just say so because there WILL be others who are in the same boat and cool with just letting things roll. Easy, laidback and fun will be a lot easier to achieve if you don’t have to worry about lying and putting up a front about what you want or who you are—which reminds me—be honest about your appearance too! If you ain’t no Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, then don’t say that you are!

Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to head off in search of the casual dating fun that you crave!