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AOL Singles: You've Got Mail!

AOL singles is another site for dating and relationships online. So what is AOL? When did it form as a company?  Turns out that AOL did have a life before the ever-popular movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ made them and their automated email notification phrase household name!

AOL is an American global internet service and Media Company operated by Time Warner. They started with their headquarters began in London but in 2008 they moved their headquarters to New York as the company had expanded so much they could afford the prestigious move. AOL provides internet services to people who are new to computers and are beginners when it comes to the internet. AOL added USENET in 1996, they did this so that they could provide net services which launched them into the ranking and gave them a good chance at being a competitor against the other leading companies like Yahoo. Compared to the other leading companies AOL was very late in providing access to the open internet. Some properties were accessible through a proprietary interface but after a while it became possible to run internet software while logged in through AOL which changed their accessibility to the market. AOL created many features like cartoon animation and just like the other leading competitors they launched their own site for singles who wanted to chat meet and date all over the world. In the early days of AOL Singles they charged quite a bit to join and register which made their database of customers quite small as not many people could afford the price. But later they slashed their prices and became a real contender, which increased their database of members. On certain days they also offer free trials so that the people who are interested in joining and becoming a member can have a peep into the services provided with the membership.

Within the membership you do get access to a database of articles that give help and advice on commitment and marriage, how to date and let your partner feel special. Their searching facility within the membership allows the members to search for potential dates according to what preferences you wish to set for your self and what you would like in a potential life partner. Nowadays, many interesting topics have been added to the database by AOL for its AOL singles members. They ask their members a few questions and then the answers are voted on which them leads to new information being added to the data base. The questionnaires are always on relationships and can help other members out with the help and advice the combined answers produce. Members can also put down their queries and questions on to the AOL board and if any other member feels like writing their suggestions or answers they can do so, it is all part of the membership. This feature has set AOL singles apart from other singles sites. AOL has also recently launched some free membership sites for singles looking to meet, date and chat. AOL currently has a huge database for singles looking for almost anything, whether you are looking for a serious relationship or you are looking just for friends or for fun!