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Cool Kids

In high school, being one of the cool kids might seem like an important life goal, but it’s important to keep things in perspective. In the long run, your high school years are only what you make of them. In the end, most of what you take from high school is just memories and some education. Too many people look back at their high school days and wish they’d done things differently. In high school, everyone just assumes that the cool kids will be the most successful in life because everyone admires them. However, just being one of the cool kids doesn’t count for much after high school. You certainly can’t put on your resume that you were one of the cool kids in high school. However, some cool kids do benefit somewhat from their cool kid status later in life. If you’re a cool kid because you’re nice to people and everyone likes you, being cool could open a lot of doors for you in the future.

I’m Not Cool

Worried that you’re not cool? That could be one of your biggest problems. With confidence comes coolness and with coolness comes confidence, so telling yourself “i’m not cool” won’t help you to become one of the cool kids. If someone convinces themselves that they’re not cool, they’re more likely to act like they’re not cool, only making matters worse. Keep in mind that ‘coolness’ is a very abstract concept, so there’s lots of room for different kinds of cool. A perfect example is The Dude from the Big Lebowski. The Dude is perhaps the coolest fictional character ever to have lived. But the Dude is not your typical cool guy. He is unemployed, can’t pay the rent, lives in a filthy apartment, doesn’t have a girlfriend, is likely an alcoholic, and spends all his spare time bowling. What he does have is an amazing attitude. The dude is cool about everything. Though he might occasionally utter ‘that’s not cool, man’, you’d never hear the dud saying, ‘I’m not cool’. That would be absurd. O next time you’re thinking to yourself, ‘wow, I’m not cool at all’, just stop right there and think of The Dude.

How to Be Cool

There are no ‘five easy step’ books on how to be cool. The key to being cool is having confidence. If you believe that you’re cool., other people will follow. One thing that definitely won’t help you to be cool is reading an instruction manual on how to be cool. In fact, that would be a very uncool thing to do. Being cool isn’t really an acquired skill, but if you’re really desperate to learn how to be cool, perhaps you should think of someone who you think is cool, like cool and luke for instance, and emulate that person. But be careful; making snotty remarks to your teachers could land you in some trouble.

Cool Haircuts

One of the best ways to kick start your cool kid career is to get a cool haircut. Cool haircuts aren’t easy to come by unless you’ve got an amazing hairdresser or you cut your hair yourself. Cool haircuts are usually the ones that suit your face and match your style best. A good hairstylist will find a cool haircut for you and show you how to style it yourself. There are also a lot of cool haircuts you can do yourself. I find that it’s much easier to cut my own hair when it’s long because I can see it better. For an entirely new look, why not dye your hair at home to fire up your new cool haircut.

Cool Teens

Cool teens are usually those who aren’t too caught up in trying to be cool. Some of the following cool teens have accomplished more in their teenage years than many people accomplish in a lifetime. One such cool teen is Gilles Sunu, a sixteen year old French soccer player who was signed to arsenal this summer for almost a million English pounds. Other cool teens are accomplished opera singers and physics geniuses. Garry Kasparov was another cool teen who became the world chess champion. It just shows you that becoming a cool teen isn’t about trying to be cool, but about being passionate about something and becoming the best at it.

Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke was a novel that was made into a movie starring Paul Newman. The movie was about a man, cool hand luke, who was sent to prison for cutting the heads off parking meters in a small town. His fellow prisoners began to admire cool hand luke for his cool attitude. So how does Luke keep his cool? Cool hand luke was both confident and witty and it was really the other prisoners that made him the cool guy because they admired him so much for standing up to the prison guards.

Cool Teen Bedrooms

Chances are, the bedroom in any book or website advertising ‘cool teen bedrooms’, aren’t cool. Of course you can make any room cool if you put a big screen TV, a fridge, and a good speaker system. Here are a few pointers to steer clear of those very not cool teen bedrooms. Cool teen bedrooms don’t have themes. If your ‘cool teen bedroom’ magazine tells you your teenager will just love a cool superman theme bedroom, run it by your teenager first. They may not be on the same page as a middle-age interior decorator. Though a foam chair shaped like a shoe might seem like the perfect accent for you teenage girl’s cool teen bedroom, it never hurts to ask your teen beforehand. They might have some cool teen bedroom decorating ideas of their own.