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What You Don't Know About White Gold Rings

White gold isn’t some rare and unique gold like many people think actually yellow gold but dipped in a white gold formula. So white gold does exist, but pure white gold is very soft and therefore not strong enough to make into a ring or piece of jewelry, so yellow gold is used instead to make the piece and then a layer of the white gold is placed over it. This is a common practice all over the world which makes it even funnier that few people actually know that this is what their white gold rings are made of! The rings therefore have all the strength of yellow gold but the beauty and shine of white gold so you get the best of both worlds!

Another funny thing about white gold is that it is often referred to as the ‘rich man’s silver’ and alternately also called the ‘poor man’s platinum’!

White gold is hard wearing and durable but can from time to time require re dipping keeping the yellow gold from showing. This can be done by any jeweler anywhere for a small price. Well made white gold often has more than one layer dipped onto the ring making it harder wearing and sometimes a scratch can be polished out by any jeweler once it has become too obvious to the eye. After polishing and or re dipping the ring will look brand new and will not dull or disintegrate within the nest 25years again. Wedding and engagement rings need to be hard wearing and so do ring that you wear often because of the harshness we all put our hands through. This is why choosing white gold is perfect if you want a ring to be hard wearing and long lasting but still look and feel great. As it can be re-dipped at any time making a ring you may have fallen out with turn into your greatest love again. White gold also has such sheen to it that it is the perfect metal to show off a diamond and or gem stone to its full potential and enhancement.

When buying the perfect white gold ring you will need to shop around and make sure that you get the best deal for the budget you have. You can visit local store and shops online to have the best advantage of picking up a beautiful ring at a knock down price. Because of the cost of a white gold ring it is always a good idea to check out the shop or site before you part with your hard earned money because the last thing you need is to find out once it’s too late that you’ve been had. Even just double checking to see that store/website has a valid address and contact telephone number listed. This way if there are any problems you have the reassurance that there will be someone available at the end of the phone to help you out. Buying a white gold rings or any other jewelry for that matter is an investment and one that should be purchased with caution.