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It's All About Emerald Rings

Emerald rings are one of the most classic ring types that flutter in and out of fashion in a trendy sense while never actually going out of style. Definitely classic, emerald rings are a favorite among those with a more refined taste though there are definitely styles out there that cater to today’s fashionista as well.

After a little bit of research I’ve realized that emeralds actually have quite the history and definitely one worth sharing. So for you, here is a little Emeralds 101:

As I mentioned; Emerald is a green and truly luxurious gemstone with a long and interesting history behind it. The first recorded mention of the gemstone Emerald is actually in the Bible itself!  The Emerald was also favored by the Spanish back in the day and this is something that can be seen in many of their architectural designs and buildings today. In the Victorian times the popularity of the Emerald swung back in to fashion and matching sets of jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings) often had Emerald stones in them. These were something that only royalty was able to afford meaning that many emerald Victorian pieces found—if you’re lucky—in antique shops today likely had a richer history to them than you’d imagined!

More recently…well not too recently but definitely after the Victorian era; the Emerald stone would become the gemstone that would represent the birth month of May and the gemstone that is used to represent the Zodiac sign of Taurus. It comes in one color only and only a few gem stones on the market come this way. If an Emerald is given as a gift then it is said to promise the wearer that the giver will always look after them financially and keep their health in perfect condition.

Emeralds are also traditionally given on a couple’s fifty fifth wedding anniversary to commemorate the occasion. It is also known that the Emerald is given as a gift for some reason also on the couple’s twentieth and thirty fifth wedding anniversary, though I don’t fully understand why yet! Maybe because when the anniversary list was devised the Emerald was at the height of its popularity and this is the reason for the mention of it not just twice but three times? Either way it’s a lovely thought and a luxurious present that I would think would be well deserved after even ten years of marriage to the same person, let alone twenty, thirty or fifty!

The Emerald is also considered to be a lucky stone and is one that is popular in the land where everything is green—Ireland! You know the saying ‘luck of the Irish’! These gorgeous green gems are used regularly in Irish made jewelry and often seen cut into the shape of a four leafed clover which is also known as a symbol of good luck. As well, emeralds are often used in the making of engagement and wedding rings in Ireland. What a great way to start off a marriage! Who wouldn’t want loads of luck to start off their life together?!