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Prettying Up Your Other Digits: Toe Rings

A toe ring is defined as the rings worn on any of the toes to make the foot look attractive. This may seem like a newish trend but it’s actually been around for years! It was originally made by woman but now it’s becoming a fad among men also. The origination of toe rings was originally from India, as it was a practice for every married woman to wear a toe ring to symbolize their married status. Toe rings add charm and beauty to the feet making it more decorative and beautiful. In India, it is a custom to give any married woman a set of toe rings. Traditionally silver sets of toe rings were used and hence they were not so expensive and the best gift as a jewelry for any newly married bride.  A single set contains two toe rings, one for each foot. Wearing of toe rings is a practice here in India and it is typically called as “bichiya” and some other parts of India it is also known as “chutki”. These toe rings are considered as one of the ‘solah-singars’ for the bride i.e. it is among one of the listed sixteen adornments of any Indian bride.  Earlier toe rings were not preferably made out of gold, the reason being that gold is considered as a respected status among Hindus and any gold ornaments cannot be worn below the waist. But nowadays, these beliefs are not followed to a larger extent, we see these days a variety of toe rings in gold as well as diamond to be prepared for the bride to make the toes look not only beautiful but to show the richness of this jewelry too are quite ornate, though more contemporary designs are now being developed to cater to the demands of modern women. The toe rings are usually adjustable type and are available in a variety of designs.

There are various types of Toe rings:

Toe Bands: This is for the big toes, often rings are complementing the bands, and these look classy.

Amvat: These are traditional Indian toe ring for big toe but these are not so much designed as other toe rings.

Double Toe Rings: These cover entire toes, looks very ethnic and one of the disadvantages is it is not very comfortable to be worn.

Men’s Toe Rings: These come in classic design with either in refined bands of gold or platinum.

Customized Toe Rings: one can have name, zodiac signs, special symbols inscribed in a toe ring. In fact, one can also have their lucky stone studded with the toe ring.

In today’s growing fashion, toe rings have emerged as one of the hot fashionable accessories. People are becoming more and funkier by using accessories on their feet, ankles; etc. and these days decorating the feet is the new fad for fashionable people. Toe rings are not only famous among teenagers now but even old age woman too, a unique style for each different age group.

Whether you drop loads of cash on gold toe rings or choose quantity over quality and adorn your toes with several less-expensive but oh so fashionable rings; you can find something to suit your taste and budget.