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High School Education

Getting a high school education was once good enough to set you up for a job. However, things have changed and a high school education alone is no longer good enough for a lot of jobs. Many jobs ask for special training, a college program, or at least some apprenticeship. In North America, anyone can get a high school education for free, so why wouldn’t you. Of course there are some circumstances where high school teens have to work to support themselves and can’t afford the time to go to high school. If you do have the chance to get a high school education, you’d better make the most of it. Most high schools offer a lot of different courses for you to choose from, depending on your interests. Because high school education is free, you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn about something that interests you.


Getting good grades in high school can be difficult, especially with a hectic high school social life. To some extent, your high school grades will determine what sort of post-secondary schools you can get into. If you’re not planning to go to college, your high school grades will be less important than your skills and talents. If you intend to become a carpenter, you might benefit from taking some wood shop courses in high school. If you plan on going to college or university, you’ll have to be a little more concerned about your high school grades, as admittance to colleges and universities depend largely on your grades. If you’re applying to certain university programs in science or math, you need to successfully complete the prerequisite courses in high school with a decent grade.

School Bus

Many teens in north America tae a school bus to school. Some of the older kids even get to drive to school once they get their license, assuming they can find a car. Driving to school is great because you don’t have ti wait in the cold for the school bus in the dead of winter.

Private School Uniforms

High schools are generally classified as public schools, private schools, or semi-private schools. Private schools and semi private schools usually have a school uniform that students must wear every day. Public schools often have a dress code in place of a school uniform

School Violence and Shootings

School violence has recently become a very serious problem, with more kids being killed in school shootings each year. So what is causing this school violence? Some say that school shootings happen because it’s too easy for kids to get hold of guns in north America. However, kids have had access to guns in America for centuries but until recently they weren’t bringing them to school to shoot their classmates and teachers. Perhaps it’s not the guns that are the problem at all. One thing that all school shootings have in common is that the shooter is a kid whose been picked on or bullied or is having a hard time and home and wants to get everyone’s attention. The way the media covers school shootings just shows kids that the best way to get the nation’s attention is to open fire at school. Every news station in the country will cover the story about the troubled kid who was picked on and just couldn’t take it anymore. For major news networks, school shootings really pull up the ratings. That’s why you shouldn’t expect to see news stations toning down their school shooting hype anytime soon.

Home School

Some people choose not to send their kids to school and teach them at home instead. This is called home schooling. There are a number of reasons why parents might choose to home school their children. Some parents feel that their children’s teachers aren’t good enough or that their child doesn’t get enough one on one attention at school, so they pull their kid out of school and home school them instead. Then there are the cases of the overprotective mother trying to keep their child home with them during the day instead of going to school with other children their age. This can have some serious consequences in terms of your child’s social skills. If a child is home schooled for too long and isolated from other children in the community, they could have a hard time relating to others when they’re older. On the other hand, many home schooled kids receive a better education from their parents, at least academically. Some home schooled teens join home school clubs where other home school teens get together to make friends.

School Teachers

School teachers are very valuable members of the community because they essentially act as second parents to our children. School teachers are not just babysitters, but educators, and mentors. If you think it’s tough raising a child, imagine spending all day with twenty or more children at once. Though school teachers are well paid and get very long holidays, good school teachers are often underappreciated. There are also a lot of terrible school teachers who should never have been allowed to work with children in the first place

School Musical

If your teen would like to get more involved at school, they could participate in extracurricular activities or join a school club. A great way to get involved is to sign up for a school musical. Not only will your teen meet lots of other teens and make some friends, they’ll also be able to practice their acting skills and perform on stage. If your teenager is not the singing or performing type, there are still a lot of other ways for them to work on a school musical. School musicals need lighting directors, set designers, producers, and all the rest.