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Celebrate Yourself with Right Hand Rings
We all know that the left hand is traditionally reserved for the traditional engagement, wedding, purity and promise rings, but what about in the case of those of us who are perfectly content being single? Don’t we deserve something to celebrate our love and acceptance of singledom?? We sure do which is why Right Hand Rings have become so popular!

The term of right hand rings is a more modern term and is made in reference to today’s modern woman or man that is a fashion statement. More women than men buy right hand rings as they believe that they are able to truly show their individuality, attitude and how their minds work. Often they are diamond rings but they don’t have to be they can be any gem stone and in any metal. The term is more relevant to the diamond industry and has created quite a stir that has sent the diamond industry in a spin. There is a whole new range of rings being made that are completely different to the more traditional style to fit into this new concept area and market.

When you look up on the internet or go into your local store and see the masses of rings that are now available you will be very surprised and spoiled with choice.  A lot of these rings are very flamboyant and very interesting and pleasing to the eye, they are designed to show off and women know how to do this best! They often have a few small diamonds all clustered together on several bands that all form one larger band. They are often worn on the middle finger or the little finger and some times are worn to compliment the rings already worn on the left hand.
The cost of these rings can start around $400 and can reach the highs of $50,000. All of this depends on the metal used in the ring and the quality of the diamonds. The metal most used is white gold, platinum and titanium. They are made in yellow and rose Gold but they are often a more made to measure right hand ring. The rings can be unique…anything goes really! And they can also be made of any metal in any design and finally they can have any form of stone in put into them.
The clarity of the stone, whether a gemstone or a diamond, is what makes it either sparkle and dazzle the eye or make the stone look dull and have no sparkle at all. Sometimes the clarity of a stone is referred to as the purity of the stone or the quality of the stone, hence why such importance is put on this. The clarity of a stone describes the clearness of the stone and how much the light reflects through it without hitting a slight flaw. The second thing that is important and the question you need to ask your price range is the carat weight. All stones are weighed in carats and can range from a point of a carat right up to hundreds of carats. When it comes to rings you have to think about the fa ct that of how often you will be wearing the ring as you would not want to wear a ring that was too heavy as it would hurt. But you can get stones with good weight to them but not enough clarity and others a smaller weight but a larger amount of clarity.  

It may seem like a lot of time and thought for choosing a ring that you’re going to buy yourself, but at the end of the day, you’re so worth it!