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What Are Masonic Rings Really?

I almost feel as if I should be wearing a special cloak and standing before some sort of a secret society while discussing Masonic Rings! In brief, Masonic rings are the rings by ‘Free Mason’ followers or believers. Worn on the right hand, many famous celebrities and visionaries wear Masonic Rings ranging from Mozart to Obama. In the past these members wore the rings in secret and all crests were hidden and covered when in public and rings were turned with the crest facing the palm of your hand to avoid execution and suspicion of cult activity. Non-Free mason followers are not allowed to bear a Masonic ring on their hand.  

The Masonic rings bear a crest or design mostly of a square or the compasses. There is no set meaning for this design by is rather said to mean in common knowledge, “Square their lives by the square virtues”. By wearing this ring the Free Mason is promising to live their life full of virtues and good tidings with the quest for knowledge of life. There are different Grand Lodges within the Free Mason community that is governed by its own leaders which means all Grand Lodges may have varying beliefs but still have a common goal so each crest and design might be slightly different but still posses the square and compass idea. Each crest is kept secret so others cannot know the secret words and teachings of the free masons. This ring is the promise each Mason takes in protecting the teachings and knowledge of the beliefs of free masons.   

A free mason is elected into a lodge by petitioning with the Free Mason lodges but must be elected freely by a ballot taken by all members of the community lodge. Only those men between the ages of 18 and 25 years with good morals and a good reputation can be elected and appointed as a member. Each must believe in the Supreme Being and the teachings of the earth and science. Power and strength belonging only to those that sought out the universal understandings. By learning more about the way the universe and nature worked you gained power and status in the Grand Lodge and became a larger part of the secret brotherhood.

Many politicians and well known people are part of the secret Free Mason world. Many have come out and shown the world their devotion to the teachings by adorning the Masonic ring on their right hand. This ring can either be in gold or white gold depending on the standing you hold in the Grand Lodge. Gold being the highest position and the highest achievement. The status of the ring’s material is earned by rewards of higher members after completion of tasks and orders. A Masonic Ring cannot just be bought at any jeweller or store. The ring must be designed specifically to your finger and must posses the Grand Lodges crest. This can only be awarded by the Grand Lodge and their appointed Free Mason jeweller. Masonic Rings can be chunky or thin but overall need the engraved and sand blasted symbol of the square and compass. Passion and guidance are key when finding the perfect Masonic ring… Seek hard and you shall find your unique Masonic Ring that suits your quest.