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Gold Rings: Always In Fashion

When it comes to choosing gold rings, most people opt for something simple and timeless. Take gold bands for instance; they are simple and classic while holding a certain amount of charm and appealing to both men and women. There are many different and striking designs available but be careful when choosing your ring as if there are many cuts to make up a decorative design your ring might be damaged or markings may disappear if the ring is sent in for a resizing.

Most men prefer Titanium rings but gold remains a popular choice for an engagement or wedding ring because of the simplicity and value. When buying for men the 10ct is best as it is stronger and an 18ct for a women who cares for look rather than practicality. The most popular choice of gold rings is the 9ct white gold bands. These are simple rhodium plated yellow gold rings. The rhodium will require being replaced and redone every six months or so depending on the amount of time you wear the ring, the activity your ring goes through and how many chemicals the ring comes in contact with. When the ring has returned from being plated it will posses a new shine and sparkle and will seem as good as new again. If you are an avid believer in the yellow gold ring you may prefer to rhodium plate your ring later on as your style may change and taste may differ with age and the rhodium plating could add an extra flare to a simple band. This is possible at any jeweler around the globe.

Rhodium is basically a cover that is placed over an existing yellow gold band. Any yellow gold band is able to be rhodium plated at any time varying your style of ring to make it look like a white gold band. Some things to know about rhodium plating is it may fade with time and will need to be redone and touched up every six months or so too keep the shine and perfection. Also rhodium rings cannot be sand blasted again as the rhodium will flake and will damage the yellow gold band beyond repair.

Women’s gold bands are usually purchased as an add-on to any existing wedding band design or as a ‘promise’ ring. Women’s rings are between the sizes of 2mm and 3mm while men’s rings are made thicker between 4mm and 8mm to adapt for different activity and rougher behavior. These size bands are only available in yellow gold but can be altered later by plating to appear as a white gold band.

A gold band is the perfect addition to a wedding band or friendship band to make it a twin, triple or vow design. Whether it be for a friend, family member of future spouse the 9ct is a good display of affection and devotion. A gold ring holds many emotions and shows the affection and love of the buyer.