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Belly Rings: To Be or Not To Be


Can't decide whether you want to have your belly button pierced? Well, firstly it's important to consider the procedure and the after-care; not just the type of belly ring that you would like.

Getting your belly button pierced is not something just to jump into. Getting your belly button pierced can be more painful than an ear piercing; and the healing of the piercing of a belly button is not as simple as with pierced ears. The wound can be easily rubbed and irritated by clothing, for example. Also, because you bend your waist a lot, the piercing can be prone to rubbing and irritation.

As with any piercing it requires proper cleaning for a lengthy period of time; as the piercing will not be fully healed for at least eight weeks, and you don't want to develop and infection. Your body jewelry artist will give you instructions on proper cleansing. However, in brief it involves washing the area every day with a mild antibacterial soap whilst soaking it. You must also make sure that you remove any excretions from around the area that have come from the piercing. If you do this and look after it properly, you will have the nicest belly in town!

It's also important that you consider what material the belly rings you use are made of- as skin sensitivity is increased in this area. You can pick up cheap belly rings from clothes and accessory stores in malls; but this may not be the best option for your skin. You may want to invest in something more expensive always to ensure that your skin is flaw free.

The types of jewelry that you can have with naval piercings varies greatly. You can have simple studs of gold or colored stones; or go for a fancier stud that has a charm hanging from it. It's fun and says a lot about you.

There is also the option of belly button rings; although getting this initially can make the piercing more difficult to heal due to it being more able to catch on clothing. So this is something to think about. However, if you're just a girl who spends all day by the pool, this isn't a problem!

Belly bars are also available; as are cute (and sometimes strange) options such as glow-in-the-dark or spiked belly rings. Only for the extrovert amongst you!

If you decide to get a belly ring, it can be a great fashion statement and look pretty cool; but you must make sure that the outlet you choose to get your piercing done is reputable and has a good reputation. They should also provide you with full instructions on how to care for your piercing. That makes for a perfect belly!

Belly ring- to be or not to be? The choice is up to you!