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Belly Button Rings: Bling For Your All Bellies


Belly button rings are the perfect fashion accessory to add an extra flare to your stomach area whether you’ve got a tight six-pack or something a tad…um…softer. If you hadn’t already figured it out, a belly button ring is worn in navel or even just in the belly region either through the belly itself or the skin around as a surface piercing. In order to have a belly button ring you need to have a piercing done by a TRAINED professional piercing artist. These incisions take from 6 weeks to 3 months to heal depending on age or sensitivity of your body to piercing. 

A belly button ring can either be stainless steel or silver and comes in an assortment of designs. A banana bar is the most popular choice in belly button ring designs as you can add on special accessories or charms that lie down your belly to attract attention if you’re planning to show it off. Gemstones add extra sparkle and value to a belly button ring. A belly button ring should not be changed regularly due to the infection risk. Long charmed bars may get caught in your jeans or pants so a simple bar is the ideal design with practicality in mind and comfort. Belly button rings are available with your birthstone set into a banana bar, in clear bioplast for allergy sensitive customers or a simple bar with stainless steel balls on either end. Bioplast is the plastic alternative to stainless steel and titanium. Belly button rings can be trendy, classic or over done. The most popular choice now is to have a classic belly button ring with three surface piercings surrounding the belly while highlighting the ring in the middle. This creates a focal point on the stomach and gives it a toned and preserved look while adding a fashion aspect to any bathing suit or small shirt while giving the wearer a secret sense of pleasure in knowing they have a diverse and unique belly button ring. A belly button ring isn’t always something that one shows off; a lot of times it stays a personal piercing that people keep as their own sassy little secret! This adds some extra excitement and to any piercing because you get to walk around knowing that you’ve got this sexy little piercing hidden beneath your clothes!

Bellies should not be pierced before the age of 18 as there is a gland close to the surface of your skin that if punctured could make you bleed to death. As you grow older the gland goes closer to your stomach and the space between the gland and the surface of your skin is increased. Wait till you are much older before receiving a piercing as your body is still growing and a belly button ring may grow out if pierced too early or too shallow on the skin. A belly button ring should be pierced with a ring to help clean and get rid of bacteria. To clean a belly button ring you need 500ml of boiling water, add one teaspoon of salt and stir till dissolved. Wait for the water to cool down, use an ear bud and clean around and inside the piercing. For the first 6 weeks the ring should not be removed or changed. If yellow ooze forms around the piercing it means your piercing is healing nicely and should be cleaned twice a day. The purple bruising around the incision is normal and when the purple fades the ring can be changed to your preference or ring can be taken out and changed to a bar. But it’s best to keep the original ring in for as long as possible to help speed the healing process and keep from infection so that you can be enjoying your hot little piercing in no time!

A belly button ring is available in any style or any shape to suit the wearer’s unique preference. These are very sensitive and should always be monitored and kept healthy. It is a very satisfying and beautiful piercing that can be decorated to any occasion. Perfect for anyone with an taste or like, go wild and make your body your own imagination…