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What is the state of the real estate market in San Diego County? 
First let me start off by telling you that though I am licensed as a broker in California, I am an investor and I am not an acting agent, and therefore not here to solicit your business nor will I give you, like the articles I read from active real estate agents, a rosey picture of the San Diego real estate investment market just so I can get your business.  Frankly, I don't want your listing so listen up as I do speak the truth about our economy.
We've all read the articles about the Subprime mortgage market dragging the rest of the economy into a slump and as I can see here in San Diego, investors have acted accordingly.  I see a stockpiling of cash for the day the bottom falls out of the San Diego investment property market.  People are waiting to see what happens next.  Almost like they are inbetween chapters of a great novel.  What's next?  Will it be the tech market again?  Will real estate pick back up soon?  These are the questions that are forcing many large San Diego real estate investment Companies as well as individual investors to just wait.  Buzz on the streets are fairly quiet, brokers and agents scrambling to close 1 or 2 deals, lenders pushing hard to solicit somewhat overpriced loans.  It sure seems like we are heading into a recession.  Right?  Or wrong?
Let's pull our heads outside of this short term view box and look to see what is really going on.  First, let's look at the past.  The recession of the 1990's was the worst recession San Diego has seen for 60 years.  Could we possibly repeat ourselves just 10 years later?  What percentage of likelyhood do you give this scenerio?  Just based on this information, I give San Diego a 90% chance that we will NOT go into another recession in such a short period of time.  Yes, I know the subprime mortgage market is bad, but our economic figures are still stable if not good.  What's really interesting is the fact that I see the economists stating that the economy is in fairly good condition.  As you know, economists are notoriously even keel to the side of caution in regards to the future of the economy.   Today, economists are still very even keel, but this time to the side of saying, the economy is doing just fine.  I am determined to not give you a page full of my findings and statistics, but if you have trouble locating the statistics of the San Diego economy, please feel free to email me from my website at www.activeinvestments.net and I will be happy to provide you some.
So where was I, historically we look as though we are in an upswing, the economy in a whole is stable, but what about the world economy?  I'm glad you asked.  Here is the one and only stat I will offer.  The U.S. fertility rate is currently approaching 2.6 children per woman resulting in a population of 550 million by 2050.  This fertility rate is higher than any other country in the world.  Yes, I said it.  We are giving birth at a faster rate.  Add to this the fact that the U.S. is embracing immigration as a whole much better than any other country, and we are spending close to $250 billion a year on research.  The facts are clear, the U.S. is in the midst of it's greatest expansion in history.  And my friends, what is most valuable to everyone in the U.S.?   The answer:  Land.
But I'm not done.  Where is the most prime real estate within the U.S.?  And what about the giant population of baby boomers retiring?  If you are a retiring baby boomer, you have probably already done much research on where are the best places to live in the U.S.   Well, I can guarantee that San Diego made it to your top 10 list, unless of course say you are from New York and you want to retire within driving distance of loved ones.
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