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Fences are good for a lot of things. Fences provide privacy in your back yard, so you can go swimming or sun tanning without your neighbours watching, or you can block the vies of your neighbors sun tanning. Fences also help you to keep your children and pets from running away and a good security fence will keep intruders out. However, a good fence will cost you. Whatever you need a fence for, you’ll have plenty to choose from, including privacy fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences, invisible fences, picket fences, and electric fences.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are a great alternative to wood fences and chain link fences. Wood fences look nice but require a lot of maintenance and chain link fences don’t look nice but require very little maintenance. Vinyl fences, on the other hand, look very nice and require hardly any maintenance at all. You can even buy vinyl fences that are made to look like wood fences. However, you’ll have to pay a bit more for these low maintenance vinyl fences. Because the vinyl fences are made of strong weatherproof vinyl, you don’t have to worry about finishing them, as you would a wood fence, to keep them looking good year after year. You can buy vinyl fences in many different styles, so if you’ve always had your heart set on a picket fence, you can get a vinyl picket fence that looks like wood but requires no maintenance.

Chain Link Fence

Though chain link fences are not always the most attract kind of fence you can buy, they are fairly strong and are ideal for certain jobs. For instance, a chain link fence on a sports fields or tennis court would work better than a vinyl fence or a wood fence because it gets hit by balls all the time. Instead of breaking when they get hit, they stretch and twist to absorb he energy instead of breaking. Chain link fences are also well-suited to children’s playgrounds and schools. You need to have fences around a playground or school so that intruders can’t get in and the children won’t escape. Another advantage is that parents are able to watch their children through a chain link fence because its full of holes. Chain link fences also make decent security fences but aren’t the best because you can cut through them fairly easily with wire cutters.

Invisible Fence

An invisible fence often involves laying wires under the ground around the perimeter of the area you want to enclose. When a pet or a farm animal tries to cross the perimeter, they get a shock from a special collar they have to where. Animals learn fairly quickly from the invisible fence where they can and can’t go. You can usually adjust the strength of the shock that your animal receives because it will be different for a very small animal than it would be for very large animal.

Dog Fence

A lot of dog fences are invisible fences like the one mentioned above. Another similar idea that some people use as dog fences inside their home uses a small box to broadcast a signal that gives the dog a shock through a special collar if he crosses the outer perimeter of the signal. These dog fences seem a little more humans because they first give a warning alarm when the dog is near to give the dog a chance to move away from the area to avoid being shocked. You can adjust the radius of the signal so that your dog fence can cover different areas.

Electric Fence

An electric fence works on a similar concept but doesn’t use a signal. Instead, the fence itself shocks the animal when it touches it. Electric fences are intended for larger animals, like people, sheep, cows, and horses. Some say that electric fences are no good for horses because it startles them, which gets them running around. This could cause the horse to injure itself or another horse.

Privacy Fence

There are many different kinds of privacy fences, but one thing they all tend to have in common is that they’re very high fences. Privacy fences are usually 6 feet tall or higher and are made from solid materials so that you can’t see through them, like you can with chain link fences. However, the chain link fence has been used as a privacy fence before. People will grow climbing plants on their chain link fence to make their space more private. This is actually quite a nice idea for a privacy fence. Sometimes a privacy fence isn’t needed at all and can be substituted with a tall hedge or thick trees. If you’re thinking of getting a privacy fence to separate your back yard from your neighbours, talk to your neighbours about it first. If they’re also interested in getting a privacy fence, you could split the cost with them.

Picket Fence

Lots of people dream of someday owning a beautiful house in the country with a white picket fence. There are a number of things you can make a picket fence from. Traditional picket fences are usually made of wood and require a fair bit of annual maintenance. Picket fences can rot and fall apart, which can look really nice if they’re not meant to be functional. If you don’t want a quaint broken down picket fence, you’ll need to refinish your wood picket fence every year to protect it from the weather. This typically involves stripping the old chipping paint from your fence and repainting it. This can be tricky because you have to get into all the little spaces around the boards. One way to avoid having to paint and repair your picket fence each year is to pay someone else to do it. Otherwise, you might consider getting a vinyl picket fence. Vinyl picket fences can be made to look a lot like wood, and don’t need to be painted.