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I Can’t Wait To Be Potty Trained!


Dear Mom,


I do not want to wear a diaper anymore! I want to wear underwear. Lisa and Susie and even Jamie are potty trained and they wear kids underwear. At the park, all the children my age are potty training. Jamie even came to the park wearing cool boys underwear. You can get boy underwear with super heroes on it like Superman, Spiderman and Batman.

And guess what? Potty training boys is not so hard! All you need to do is get me my own potty chair. I will help you make a potty training chart and we can buy real fun stickers for it. Jamie’s mom told me she would give you great potty training tips. She says that you there’s a toilet training book on the internet that shows you how to do it in three days! Jamie’s mom said you should look at these sites: Easy Potty Training and Potty Training Basics.

Just think, mom….no more diapers to buy. No more pull-ups. No more bedwetting diapers. No potty training pants to buy. That means you can spend the money you save to buy me that cool fire truck, some racing cars and super hero costumes. I know that disposable diapers cost lots of money because daddy always complains about how much money you spend.

And no more diaper change. You know how embarrassing it is for me when you take out your diaper bags and then lie me down on the floor and change me in public?! I am a toddler now and diaper changing – especially in front of my friends - is not cool.

You know what else bugs me? A poopy diaper. Yuck! When I am at the park and I have a wet diaper, it bulges and my friends know for sure that I am wearing a dirty diaper. My friend Stevie says he used to wear cloth diapers and that he used to get diaper rash all the time. That is gross. I also do not want to wear a diaper to school. All the toddlers are talking about preschool now.

You know how you always complain every time you do laundry? Well if we try child potty training, there will be not more leaks onto the sheets from my diapers and no more bedwetting. (I will try my hardest not to wet the bed.) That means you can have more time to bake me my favorite chocolate chip cookies.

So come on, mom, I don’t want to be kept in diapers. I hate wearing diapers. From now on, it’s potty time. In just three days I could be cool like Jamie and wear Spider man underwear to the park.



Love from Sam (who you always say is your cutest child – and who really, really wants to be Spider man when he grows up)