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Jesse McCartney - Sugarcoated Corporate Heartthrob

If you haven't seen the likes of jesse mccartney, think nick carter and his younger brother aaron carter, think any of the members of Backstreet Boys, Nsync, 98 degrees, think of any human clone that looks disturbingly like a ken doll, and you've got Jesse McCartney.  Young Jesse McCartney apparently is the "flavor of the month" these days riding the strength of his debut pop album titled, "Beautiful Soul", which has enjoyed success in the United States and Australia already. 

Although we don't know if jesse mccartney has a beautiful soul, he obviously has a beautiful androgynous face, which is has wide-range appeal to young preteen girls, sexually-confused young men, and of course the profit-centered executives of Hollywood Records, which is own by the powerful Disney Corporation.  To be fair, his androgynous male-female look can be attributed to the fact that he is a growing boy.  At the age of 18, he is nearing the end of that tumultuous time known as puberty, but it is quite clear that Jesse McCartney is a meterosexual superstar.         

Jesse McCartney seemed to have been destined for this type of stardom, although the lifespan of his celebrity will remain in question depending on his actual talent, but this prediction is based only upon my envious speculation, so I will digress.  Born in New York City on April 9th, 1987, Jesse McCartney had always been performing eversince he was a wee toddler.  He would get up and belt his favorite New Kids On the Block songs to his captivated audience of relatives.  They remember young Jesse McCartney emulating his idol at the time, the New Kid's Joe McIntyre, as he would scream "Hangin Tough, hanging tough, hangin tough - are you tough enough?  Hangin Tough, hanging tough, hangin tough, I'm rough!"  To which his relatives would agree. 

His talent was apparent at a young age, so the next logical step would be for Jesse McCartney to follow his dreams and try cash in with his talent and androgynous good looks.  The obvious employers for child talent would be Disney, and seeing that Jesse was able to exceed Disney's high standards of (1) marketability, (2) talent, and (3) total management control, young Jesse McCartney (parents) had a paying gig with Walt Disney.   

By the age of 12, young Jesse finally had acheived one of his dreams by being a member of his very own boy band.  Every boy band needs a catchy name, and well, I don't know, what do you think of  - Dream Street.  Anyways, Dream Street was the name of the band.  The band released their debut, "Dream Street", yes, their debut was a self-titled album that featured such tracks like the ballad, "Gotta Get the Girl", the pulsating, "Let's Get Funkee Tonight" (that's right, that's "funkee" with 2 e's), and the heartwrenching, "They Don't Understand", which was also featured on the Pokemon Soundtrack.  

Anyways, like so many boy bands that were instantaneously created to cash in on the 'boy band craze', the Dream Street sucked goat-nads (to be fair, I only enjoy adult contemporary music like Enya and Roch Voisine), but little Jesse survived, becoming a much tougher and rougher person like his idol, Joe McIntyre from the New Kids on the Block.  Jesse McIntyre is glad for his experiences in learning about the shadowy, controlling world of the music industry, which he will now know how to manipulate more effectively in the future.   

Flashforward to the present, and young androgynous Jesse McIntyre is riding the success of his debut album, "Beautiful Soul".  The album has already acheived platinum status, and the singles "Shes No You" and "Beautiful Soul" have received heavy airplay in the United States and Australia, a land that has taken quite kindly to the likes of Jesse McIntyre.  His official website on Hollywood Records credits him as "an enormous talent as a singer and songwriter".... 

In his spare time, Jesse McCartney likes to balance his misic career with his acting career.  The dude has already apppeared on Broadway (The King and I, A Christmans Carol), was nominated for an Emmy for his role on the daytime soap, "All My Children", and now has a continuous role on the WB's, "Summerland".