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Jetsgo is now Jets Gone!

On March 11th, 2005 Jetsgo suddenly ceased its operations and felt it was prudent and responsible to discontinue its operations and ground all of its planes citing difficult competitive pressures in the Canadian airline industry.  This decision left thousands of passengers stranded at various airports across the country and internationally. 

JetsGone.com was formed to create a consumer based website for passengers that were directly affected by this sudden shutdown.  As the event has unfolded there have been numerous sources of information pertaining to re-imbursement of tickets etc. etc. and what remedies are available for those affected.

At JetsGone.com You Can:

  • Get the latest up to date information
  • Find sources for alternate travel arrangements
  • Make your voice heard and have your personal story published
  • Subscribe to the JetsGone.com newsletter for updates
  • Find out what financial reimbursement is available if any?

Please feel free to share your story about Jetsgo by visiting Jetsgone.com which is linked below.


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