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Non Surgical Face Lift

There are two facts of life that many people are forced to deal with as they get older.  The first is that when you get older, no matter who you are you start to show the signs of aging.  The second fact is that many people want to reverse this trend or at least slow it down.

For those who are very eager to accomplish this, they turn to plastic surgery, face lifts, facial implants, Botox and even microdermabrasion.  All of these options are good, but they are not for everyone. 

A burgeoning interest in holistic and natural medicine has revealed several new techniques that could yield similar results to these radical measures with all of the trial and tribulation.

One of the most popular of these techniques is called the Non surgical face lift.  This regime of cleansing exercises relies on the fact that the signs of aging occur primarily because of stress and negative energy that is stores in the face and manifests itself via wrinkles and blotchiness.

This makes complete sense.  You face bears the brunt of almost all of your daily activities.  In the summer is constantly a battle with the sun.  In the winter the wind and rain and snow, not to mention the bitter cold, bite your face like a rabid dog..

Your face is also constantly tightening and loosening due to laughter, crying and the full range of emotions you use in your daily life. This wear and tear does severe damage to the most characteristic part of your body.

The non surgical face lift allows you to locate and activate twelve major nerve centers on the face and neck. Gentle touches and sweeps using your hands and fingers open energy flows and nerve pathways to ease contractions in facial muscles, balance organ systems, and release a free flow of vital body energy.

Skin cells are fed, tiny lines disappear, and the beauty beneath the surface of your skin awakens. Linda Burnham combines her facial touch method with other beauty routines using natural products, providing a self-care procedure that actually invigorates the whole body.

The result is healthier more natural looking face that is achieved without costly surgery that can leave looking battered and bruised like you were beaten like a rented mule.

There is also no risk of negative side effects that can occur with more complicated chemical treatments.